Why Neil Gaiman Was Left Out Of Princess Mononoke’s England Poster

Neil Gaiman explains why he was dropped from the Princess Mononoke English poster after writing the script for the dubbed version.

Neil Gaiman explains why he was left out Princess Mononokeafter writing the screenplay for the dubbed version. Originally written and directed by Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, the animated fantasy epic revolved around Ashitaka, a young prince seeking a cure for the curse placed on him by a demon and ventures in the nearby forest in hopes of finding one. In his quest to find the deer-like animal god known as the Great Forest Spirit, Ashitaka will find himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and the Tatara mining colony and meet San, the human princess Mononoke who was raised by wolves. and resents humanity.


After its critical and commercial launch in Japan in 1997, Miramax acquired the rights to Princess Mononoke and began development on an English dub of the film. Billy Crudup led the English dub cast as Ashitaka alongside Claire Danes as San, Minnie Driver, Tara Strong, Billy Bob Thornton, John DeMita, John DiMaggio, Gillian Anderson, Debi Derryberry, Keith David and Jada Pinkett Smith. Although underperforming at the domestic box office, Princess Mononoke would again receive rave reviews from critics in North America and become a hit on DVD and video releases in the years that followed.

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In response to a fan taking to Twitter to share that they just learned of his work on the film, Neil Gaiman revealed why he was kicked out of Princess MononokeThe poster in English. The writer/screenwriter explained that Studio Ghibli pointed out to Miramax that there were too many names on the poster, but rather that the latter came up with a way to make sure Gaiman’s name sticks, they have chose to keep only the Ghibli and Miramax names. See Gaiman’s explanation below:

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Interestingly, Gaiman was not Miramax’s first choice to write the English dub of Princess Mononoke during its development cycle. The author previously confirmed that Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino was initially offered the job by the studio given their ongoing relationship with reservoir dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn and Jackie Brown. Tarantino ultimately turned down the job, but continued to recommend Gaiman to the studio as a potential pen alternative. Princess MononokeEnglish writing.

Although many anime viewers recommend watching a subtitled version of the film, questioning some of the voice performances, Princess MononokeThe English version of continues to prove to be a rare exception of a good dub in the genre. Gaiman paid particular attention to making Miyazaki’s Japanese script and story as accessible as possible for North American audiences while remaining as faithful to the source material as possible, which ultimately succeeded as the film’s success in the home media has been credited with helping to spread Studio Ghibli’s popularity outdoors. from Japan. The public can review both versions of Princess Mononoke streaming on HBO Max now.

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Source: Neil Gaiman/Twitter

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