Wasim Jaffer hits out at England media and players for Deepti Sharma’s starting line

Wasim Jaffer searched the English media and players on Twitter for Deepti Sharma’s start line using a cycling incident. The English media and players slammed Sharma for knocking out Dean on the non-attacking side.

The Deepti-Dean controversy has divided opinion around the world. (Courtesy Reuters)


  • The Deepti Sharma-Charlotte Dean controversy has divided opinion around the world
  • English media criticized Deepti for his actions
  • Jaffer hit out at England media and players with a hilarious tweet

Former cricketer Wasim Jaffer launched an investigation into the English media and players for the Deepti Sharma-Charlotte Dean controversy with a hilarious tweet on Friday morning.

Sharma’s decision to eliminate Dean from the non-attacking side has split fans and critics alike, with the media and England players slamming the call made by the Indian all-rounder in the third ODI last Saturday.

Many current and former England players have given their verdict on this, with Jos Buttler being the latest to give his opinion. The England white-ball captain said he would call the batter back if such a thing happened during the game.

“No, I’m calling the batsman back,” Buttler, 32, who is recovering from a pre-World Cup calf injury, told TalkSPORT.

“No one wants to see them (dismissal mode) in the game because they always create such a talking point when it should be about the battle between bat and ball and watching great cricket matches They always seem to happen at unsavory times.”

Jaffer, who is known for his witty tweets, decided to poke fun at the English media and players using a cycling incident. Italian cyclist Michael Guerra decided to use a board while riding to use the advantage of aerodynamics to overtake his opponents.

The former cricketer decided to quote retweet the video and joked that an English cyclist would never do such a thing during a race despite it being within the rules.

“It may be in the rules, but it’s against the spirit of cycling. I would never do it,” said an English cyclist,” Jaffer said in his tweet.

About the leak, Sharma said she gave Dean a warning, but the England star refuted the claim, saying she didn’t receive one.

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