Top 20 sayings that are disappearing as the English language continues to evolve

A survey found that 66% of people had never used the phrase ‘a nod is as good as a wink’ and 56% had never said to someone ‘don’t twist panties”.

The saying “Know your onions” is dying out

It may be cod, but a poll found that some old sayings seem dead as a doorknob.

And, apparently, the most threatened is that of the Bible, “the pearls before the pigs”.

If you’re as baffled by this as the 78% of 18-50 year olds in the survey, we can tell you that means giving nothing of value to people who can’t appreciate it.

The survey also revealed that 66% had never used the phrase “a wink is better than a wink” and 56% had never said to someone “don’t squirm panties”.

But Perspectus Global researchers also found that 73% of respondents thought it was a real shame that age-old sayings were dying out.

Perspectus spokeswoman Ellie Glason said: “It’s interesting to see how the language evolves.

“Despite the disappearance of many sayings, four in five Britons believe we have the richest and most descriptive language in the world.”

Top 20 sayings that are about to disappear

Pearls before pigs 78% (never use the expression)

Nail your colors to the mast 71%

Colder than a witch tit 71%

Pip Pip 70%

Know your onions 68%

A nod is as good as a wink 66%

A stitch in time is worth nine 64%

Ready for the rendering yard 62%

I dropped a clanger 60%

A fly in the ointment 59%

Sharp as mustard 58%

A flash in the pan 57%

tickety boo 57%

A load of cod 56%

A curtain shake 56%

Panties in a twist 56%

dead stiff 55%

A dog’s dinner 55%

It’s hold a block 55%

Storm in a teacup 55%

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