The walking stick attacker’s restraining order has been redrafted in ‘plain English’

A judge has drafted a new restraining order in ‘plain English’ after concerns were raised by a lawyer.

Lester McCalla received a 10-month suspended prison sentence and a restraining order earlier this month for attacking his ex-partner with a cane. The 44-year-old had to be restrained by his roommates after he attacked her with a screwdriver.

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His case was back in Oxford Crown Court on Monday, with his solicitor Dana Bilan raising concerns about the “confusing” wording of the restraining order.

The order prohibited him from going to any property where his victim was known to be staying or working – meaning he could inadvertently break the order by going to a building he didn’t realize he was in. she lived.

Ms Bilan told recorder John Hardy QC the wording should be changed to make it clear that McCalla was prevented from going to a property where he knew or believed the woman frequented, resided or worked.

The judge agreed to change the wording, but suggested that it was written in “plain English”.

McCalla, of Milton Road, Cowley, was convicted in his absence by city magistrates in May of causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Ian Pringle QC, who sentenced him in June, said: “I have come to the conclusion that this may be the time in your life when you might actually want to do something about your drug addiction and I am says you do.”

This story was written by Tom Seaward. He joined the team in 2021 as a forensic and crime reporter from Oxfordshire.

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