“The Queen of Indian Pop”: the English translation of the biography of singer Usha Uthup will be released on February 28

The English translation of pop icon Usha Uthup’s biography “Ullas Ki Naav” will be released in the stands on February 28.

The book, originally written in Hindi by author Vikas Kumar Jha, is translated by the writer’s daughter Sristhi Jha.

Published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI), the English title is titled ”The Queen of Indian Pop: The Authorized Biography of Usha Uthup”.

”Usha Uthup is a global icon who represents the universality, beauty and fragrance of music and how we are all one big family across cultures, communities and continents. Her story was told with immense love and joy.

”There are also tears. Sadness too. But it’s all part of the wonderful, enchanting catch-all that is Usha, as a person, as a singer, as an artist, as a woman,’ Jha said on the English translation of the book by 2019 from his father.

The 74-year-old pop icon, who completed 50 years as a professional singer in 2020, is widely known for her evergreen hits such as ”Hari Om Hari”, ”Rambha Ho” and ”Jeete Hain Shaan Se”’.

She has sung in several Indian and foreign languages ​​including Bengali, Hindi, English, German, Italian and Sinhalese.

From his childhood days in Mumbai and his early gigs singing with jazz bands in the glitzy nightclubs of Chennai to his meteoric rise as an Indian musical sensation and his philanthropic work, Jha promises to cover it all, weaving a narrative which it claims to be ”colourful, inspiring and bound to keep any reader captivated until the end”.

According to the publishers, ”The Queen of Indian Pop: The Authorized Biography of Usha Uthup” meticulously explores ”Uthup’s sense of freedom, struggles and constructive and creative attitude towards work and life”.

“This perfect English translation, by Srishti Jha, offers the reader a front row seat to the life and times of the inimitable Usha Uthup,” they added. The book, priced at Rs 497, is currently available for pre-order online.

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