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MONTREAL, August 28, 2022 /CNW/ – As the 2022 Quebec elections are officially announced October 3Boudeweel Public Affairs is proud to launch Quebec nowa free digital newsletter giving meaning to the Quebec election for English-speaking audiences.

As Election Day approaches, David Boudeweel-Lefebvre, CEO of Boudeweel Public Affairs, looks forward to sharing his insider knowledge as a former political aide and longtime government affairs specialist with Quebec now readers.

Making sense of the Quebec election for English-Canadian audiences.

Welcoming readers, he issued the following statement: “Recognizing that most Canadians have a blind spot when it comes to understanding Francophone Quebec and its politics, our team is stepping up to help! , Quebec now will provide English speakers with reliable analysis of the 2022 election campaign, its trends and potential political outcomes.”

“This election will redefine the relationship between Quebec and the federal government, as well as interprovincial relations for the next four years. We’re here to take you behind the curtain, introduce you to the real stories of key campaign players and influencers, and provide behind-the-scenes analysis on the issues that matter most to English Canada. »

Thanks to a collaboration with spark * plea — an integrated marketing and communications firm specializing in awareness, reputation and advocacy work — Quebec now will provide election commentary and analysis directly to subscribers who sign up at:

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David Boudeweel-Lefebvre, CEO of Boudeweel Public Affairs, will be available for media interviews throughout the 2022 Quebec election to share campaign ideas and discuss issues for English-speaking Canadians.

About David Boudeweel-Lefebvre
David Boudeweel-Lefebvre is a government and public affairs specialist who founded Boudeweel Public Affairs in the fall of 2020 to help English-Canadian clients successfully navigate French-speaking Quebec.

With over 20 years of experience in politics, government affairs, coalition building, business development and communications, David not only knows the Quebec political landscape inside and out, but has also a very informed view of how the province relates to the rest of the Canada.

David’s political career includes experience working at all three levels of government: municipal, provincial and federal. He was a hands-on organizer for many years and worked in constituency offices and on Parliament Hill in Ottawa as press attaché to the former leader of the Bloc Québécois Gilles Duceppe. He also served as press secretary for four elections, traveling in campaign buses and planes.

After retiring from politics, David spent the next decade of his career working in government relations, before founding his own agency in November 2020. This chapter of his career culminated with advocating for the restaurant industry as Restaurants Canada’s Vice President for Federal and Quebec Affairs during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout his career, David has worked closely with the media. He is an experienced spokesperson on both the political and government affairs sides, and is no stranger to being in front of a camera or microphone.

A fuller biography detailing David’s career can be provided upon request.

You can follow David and Boudeweel Public Affairs for information on Twitter at: @BoudeweelPA

Photo of David Boudeweel-Lefebvre available on request.

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