The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero Gets A Fancy English PC Port 12 Years Later

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero is heading to PC with an English version, 12 years after its initial launch. The port is led by Peter “Durante” Thoman – known for JRPG ports and Dark Souls patches, primarily – and a new developer blog details how Trails From Zero is being modernized.

It’s called a “story trailer,” but I had to watch it three times because the disconnected music and visuals made me slip into a pure ambient state. I had only disjointed thoughts: it’s a big train; little people always walk; why is this girl underwater; am I spinning in the…cyberverse?

What I think the trailer is trying to communicate is: in Trails From Zero, you, Lloyd Bannings, return to your bustling hometown of Crossbell and join the police department, where you are assigned to the special support to manage odd jobs. You quickly discover that there is more crime and corruption in the city than you thought, and you must work with your friends Elie MacDoweell, Randy Oralndo and Tio Plato to put an end to it. What big names.

I haven’t played any of The Legend of Heroes games or its Trails sub-series, despite there being a billion of them. Trails From Zero was first released in 2010 for PSP in Japan, although a fan-made English translation did not appear for ten years. Shortly after, the creators of this fan translation agreed to work with NIS America editors on this official version.

The PC port is also getting above average attention, if a recent Steam post from PH3 developers is any indication. PC version will include support for different aspect ratios, flexible user interface, full mouse support, message log, improved view distance, high frame rate support and anti-aliasing. The post details these features, as well as previous modern console ports and the modders who implemented them first. PH3 has handed over PC ports for previous Trails games, including the modern Trails Of Cold Steel IV in 2020.

The Legend Of Heroes: Tails From Zero will launch on PC via Steam on September 27th.