The English translation of the Tokimeki Memorial is now available

Translated Games announced the Tokimeki Memorial The English translation is now available, the first time the iconic dating sim has been fully playable in English.

New Tokimeki Memorial The English translation is based on the 1996 Super Famicom version of the game, which Konami released as Tokimeki Memorial: under the legendary tree.

the original Tokimeki Memorial was released in 1994 for PC Engine and was directed by Yoshiaki Nagata with Koji Igarashi writing screenplays. While not the first dating sim game it envisions an all-time classic, the majority of games that followed have really tried to emulate its mechanics and overall feel.

Since it was before Iga started working on Castlevania, he played Castlevania: Blood Rondo by writing the Tokimekiand asked his then-girlfriend (who was working on Rondo of blood) for tips on how to write the story.

Tokimeki Memorial has been ported numerous times after its Super Famicom port, then to PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, PlayStation Portable, and mobile platforms.

For this new translated version, Translated Games made sure to include the animated intro from the PC Engine original, with English lyrics for its intro and ending. Additionally, the confession scenes are now fully voiced.

Here is a video of the translation patch running:

You can enter the Tokimeki Memorial English translation on official translated games website.