The English comedian’s must-see commentary on Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on the Holocaust

An English comedian has delivered a perfect dismantling of Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial Holocaust claims, which saw her suspended.

An English comedian has perfectly summed up Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial claims about the Holocaust.

Goldberg was suspended from her post on US show The View after she claimed the Holocaust was “not about race”, claiming Nazis and Jews were both white.

About six million people were killed by Hitler’s regime in Nazi Germany during World War II, and his hatred of the Jewish people stemmed from the fact that the Nazis saw themselves as an Aryan “master race”.

Whoopi, 66, said on the American talk show: “Let’s be honest about this because the Holocaust is not about race. It’s not a matter of race. It’s not a matter of race. It is about man’s inhumanity to man.

“It’s two groups of white people! As soon as you turn it into a run, it runs down that aisle. Let’s talk about it for what it is. This is how people treat each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, Jews, it’s each other.

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Comedian David Baddiel, who published the book Jews don’t count in 2021 told Good Morning Britain that he was a big Goldberg fan but there was a lot of harm in his comments.

“It says a lot about the confusions people have around anti-Semitism,” he said. “One of the main things happening here is the resistance to the idea that anti-Semitism is racism.”

He said Goldberg seemed to think anti-Semitism was just religious intolerance — but the problem goes much deeper.

“The problem with that is that I’m an atheist and the Gestapo would have shot me tomorrow,” said Baddiel – who comes from a Jewish family.

“My great-uncle who died in the Warsaw ghetto was not an observant Jew, and it’s not just the Holocaust, now neo-Nazis marching with torches saying ‘Jews won’t replace us’ “In Charlottesville wouldn’t ask a Jew if he kept kosher before they set his house on fire.

“They don’t care about faith and the Nazis don’t care about faith, they care about racial purity.”

He said that the “whiteness of the Jews” is a very complex issue.

“Jews are considered white or non-white, depending on the policy of the observer, on the right, until now, right-wing groups and for years and years, centuries have seen Jews as not part of the white race,” he said.

“But on the far left, the association of Jews, which is a racist thing with power and privilege, kind of makes them super white.

“And what that gives is similar to because in the Black Lives Matter thing with All Lives Matter, because it takes away the specifics of racism to something very bland in general, like the inhumanity of man towards the man.

“Okay, but what is happening here is actually a very particular type of genocide. She spoke on the Stephen Colbert show, about two sides fighting, it’s not two sides fighting. They were an ethnic group designated to be destroyed by the military-industrial machine.

Whoopi later admitted her remarks were untrue and apologized for the “hurt I caused”.

Despite calls for the 66-year-old showbiz veteran to be fired, ABC released a statement saying Goldberg would be taken off the air for two weeks.

ABC News President Kim Godwin said she privately asked Goldberg to take the time to “reflect” and “learn” the impact of her words.