The appeal of the English novel

Adding to the endless list of scams in bangalorethe latest is the scam of hundreds of thousands of rupees from 32 people and counting in the name of outsourcing the digitization of old and famous English novels.

All of the victims lost more than Rs 3.50 lakh each to a company they agreed to work with for ‘digitalization of old English novels’.

Hundreds of people are believed to have already fallen prey to this scam – it will take time for all of them to file individual complaints at the police station, we are told.

“I don’t know what to do now. I found out about this company – Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd – through a Mr. Ravi. I lost my job due to the covid pandemic and was looking for a job.

I received Rs 3.50 lakh in compensation from the company where I worked before the lockdown.

I deposited Rs 3.50 lakh with Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd on March 19, 2022 and did not receive a single rupee from this company which claimed to scan and digitize English novels’ said Hemavathy V Bhatresident of Nagasandra along the road to Tumkur.

Some of the victims who lost their money gathered near the Cubbon Park police station on Sunday

What is alarming is that the network of Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd managed to deceive even legal consultants. For instance, Dinesh Kumar B is a legal consultant residing in Girinagar. Kumar had made the acquaintance of Sanjay Sinhathe CEO of Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd, when the latter was working as a chef at a reputable educational institution, and later opened a chat center after losing the chef position.

“I trusted Sanjay Sinha since I’ve known him for a few years. He ensured me to get the outsourcing contract and good income every month. So I deposited Rs 3.50 lakh with the company in March 2022. I also spent money to buy a scanner and a laptop to scan old English novels but did not receive any money so far. I started pressing Sinha for my money back but to no avail,’ Kumar said, adding that he was trying to contact more and more victims of the scam in the city.

The office of Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd at the Barton Center on MG Road

The office of Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd at the Barton Center on MG Road

The modus operandi of Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd is to build trust with potential investors and unemployed people. Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd team convinced Suresh Kumar of Hanumantha Nagar to invest Rs 42,50,000 to digitize English novels on a large scale.

“At first there were no problems. I worked for Truvisory Kode Core Pvt Ltd and got Rs 1,30,000. Later they told me that they were closing small projects. They advised me to undertake bigger projects by investing Rs 42,50,000 to get more income. I appointed six people, bought three laptops and four scanners. I’m not sure I’ll get my money,’ Suresh Kumar said.

Cubbon Park Police filed a First Information Report (FIR) under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) on October 20 against 10 people including Sanjay Sinha. Further investigations are ongoing.