The 74-year-old car driver from Bengaluru was an English teacher. His story spreads across the internet

A woman’s day was made after a heartwarming experience with her car driver that taught her valuable life lessons. Nikita Iyer, a Bengaluru-based researcher, documented her pleasant encounter in a LinkedIn post that went incredibly viral online. The car driver opened up about his life as a former English teacher and how he chose his current path. Her story is winning hearts online and is just too good to miss.

Nikita began by meeting 74-year-old Pataabi Raman. In fact, she got stuck in the middle of the freeway on her way to work. Looking at her, the old man stopped and asked her to come aboard in impeccable English. “Please come in, ma’am, you can pay whatever you want,” he said. Pleasantly surprised by her kind demeanor, Nikita got into the car and started talking to Pataabi to satisfy her curiosity.

Pataabi revealed that he was an English teacher at a reputable college in Powai in Mumbai where he worked for 20 years. He did not get a teaching job in Karnataka because the only question he was asked was about his caste. “The only question he was asked was, ‘What is your caste?’ and when he said his name was Mr. Pataabi Raman, they said, “We’ll let you know”. Nikita wrote in her post.

He then moved to Karnataka at age 60 and started working as a car driver as teachers there are not well paid. “Teachers are not well paid. The maximum you can earn is 10-15,000 rupees and since it was a private institution, I don’t have a pension. By driving a rickshaw, I earn at least Rs 700-1500 per day which is enough for me and my girlfriend,” Pataabi said with a laugh.

Pataabi also explained why he laughed at the “girlfriend” remark. In fact, he called his wife his girlfriend because he always wanted to treat her like an equal. “She’s my wife, but I call her my girlfriend because you always have to treat them equally. As soon as you say wife, husbands think she’s a slave who must serve you, but she is not inferior to me in any way. In fact, she is sometimes superior to me. She is 72 years old and takes care of the house while I work 9-10 hours a day,” Pataabi added.

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Pataabi also told Nikita that he has a son who helps the couple pay their rent. “We live in a 1 BHK in Kadugodi where my son helps pay the rent of Rs 12,000 but beyond that we are not dependent on our children. They live their lives and we live ours happily,” he added.

“Not a life complaint. Not a regret. So much to learn from these hidden heroes. My Thursday morning was done,” Nikita said, concluding her post.

The old man’s story won hearts online and netizens called it an inspiration.

“God bless you Nikita. Wonderful story and great to hear about these unsung heroes,” one user wrote.

Another user commented, “Inspirational. Glad that with good health he is managing his family’s daily affairs at this age.”

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