Teachers welcome English labs, seek to start it from class 5 itself

VELLORE: The Department of Education’s decision to provide English labs in middle and high schools has been welcomed by teachers. They also demanded that such laboratories be set up to help pupils from class 5 onwards, because only then could they develop their fluency.

President of TN Vocational Teachers Kazhagam, SN Janardhanan said, “As teachers, we know that starting such labs at the end of school life might not have the desired effect, especially in areas rural areas where students do not focus on English.

An engineering school professor who preferred anonymity said: “Even at the college level where the English communication lab is part of the third-year curriculum, students still struggle to pass simple language tests, despite all the facilities provided in the laboratory”.

“The government/department should first sensitize the student community on the need and importance of the English lab before ordering them to participate,” said RS Aziz Kumar, Vellore District Secretary of TN PG Teachers Association.

Vellore District Secretary of the TN Primary School Teachers Association, A Srinivasan, said, “Starting at class 5 will be ideal because the students will still be 7 years old before they reach class 12 and so it will help them to acquire the Language mastery. »

When asked if teachers had been consulted on these labs, Janardhanan, who is also a member of the executive committee of JACTO-GEO, replied in the negative. “They may have consulted experts, but they don’t realize that when it comes to students, teachers are best qualified to provide guidance on what students need,” he said. -he adds.

However, all the teachers were united in saying that only disciplined students would succeed and that this moral education for the students was essential. “Such stories of moral education could also be part of the contribution of these laboratories,” they claimed.