Stunning Chilean Podcast Gets English Adaptation With ‘Case 63,’ Starring Julianne Moore & Oscar Isaac – Spotify

Thrills that change time and reality await you as Case 63the highly anticipated English adaptation of Chilean scripted audio series topped the chartsdebuts on October 25. Produced by Gimlet Studios, Case 63 features an Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore alongside the Golden Globe winner and Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac. The two stars are also executive producers of the series.

Julianne Moore

The series follows psychiatrist Eliza Knight (Julianne) as she records her sessions with an enigmatic patient known only as “Case 63” (Oscar), who claims to be a time traveler returning from the future to prevent the next global pandemic. . As each episode progresses, the lines between past, present and future blur and both characters discover that they may have the future of humanity in their hands.

Case 63 was my very first audio experience and I got to see how immersive and impactful podcasting is a way of storytelling,” said Julianne. For registration. “It’s an exciting and timely story, incredibly mysterious and romantic, suspenseful and eerie. And the opportunity to work with my friends Oscar Isaac and Mimi O’Donnell made recording a joy.

Both actors bring their incredible talents to a series that has captivated Latin America since it first aired in 2020.

“I’m a big fan of the original series, Case 63, and it was great to be able to partner with Spotify and Julianne on this adaptation,” said Oscar.

portrait of actor oscar isaac

Oscar Isaac

“We are thrilled to bring this beloved Latin American story to English-speaking audiences,” said the director and executive producer. Mimi O’Donnell. “There are so many twists and turns in an immersive setting that this show’s team has created, led by an incredibly talented group of creatives here in the United States. Each adaptation of this series is grounded in captivating production. With Case 63listeners feel like they’re with Oscar and Julianne every step of the way on this mind-blowing journey.

Following its launch, Case 63 became Spotify’s most listened to original scripted podcast in Latin America, thanks to the talents of partners Antonia Zegers and Nestor Cantillana. The show was so successful that Spotify brought in Brazilian actors Seu Jorge and Mel Lisboa feature in a Portuguese-language adaptation—Patient 63—less than a year later. And earlier this year, Spotify India brought in husband and wife actors from Bollywood Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal to create a Hindi-language adaptation, titled Virus 2062.

The show’s outstanding success marks the first time a non-English Spotify Original podcast has been adapted into multiple languages, underscoring Spotify’s audio reach and commitment to delivering high-quality storytelling with impactful vocals to fans around the world. .

“I’m so excited to bring this Latin American story to English-speaking audiences and hear their thoughts, hear their theories, and just share great storytelling with more audiences,” said Javier Pinol, the show’s executive producer and Global Head of Markets, Talk Content at Spotify. “I’m proud of the work done by the entire team in Latin America to produce three well-crafted seasons, fulfilling Spotify’s mission to not only inspire others to create, but also to share the understanding that great storytelling comes from the world entire. “

“I hope everyone has as much fun listening to it as we had making it,” Julianne said. “Case 63 This is exactly the kind of story I love.

Get ready to start your session with Dr. Knight by listening Case 63 October 25: