Star Ocean The Divine Force “No Magical Alterations” English Mini Manga Revealed; Highlighted Private Actions

Square Enix has share a new official English mini manga regarding their upcoming action JRPG, Star Ocean The Divine Force. This issue emphasizes Private Actions, a mechanic in previous entries that allows the protagonist to bond with the main cast, impacting the affinity and ending one can achieve. A humorous exchange between Albaird and Welch is featured here.

Check out the other official English mini manga for Star Ocean The Divine Force:

You can see this recently revealed English mini manga below:

Star Ocean The Divine Force is the latest RPG from developer Tri-Ace. The game features a sci-fi setting as the sixth entry in the franchise with an action-oriented combat system. This tale tells an original story led by the protagonist Raymond, the captain of a space trading ship, with Ydas and Laeticia, the princess-knight of an underdeveloped planet. After how much lukewarm Star Ocean: integrity and infidelity was, it’s relieving to see this series get another chance.

Through Star Ocean The Divine Force, players can choose between protagonists Raymond and Laeticia, witnessing the story from multiple unique vantage points. Raymond’s perceptions offer more sci-fi craftsmanship, while Laeticia’s perspective focuses more on fantasy elements. Combat is real-time. Plus, the addition of Stop Mode allows players to literally pause the action, allowing them to form new schemes on the fly.

Star Ocean The Divine Force releases October 27, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.