Shin-Chan Spinoff’s English Dub Coming to Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has finally released the dub of the Pencil Shin-chan series Shin-chan spin-off.

Amazon Prime has added all four seasons of the Amazon Original series Shin-chan spin-off animated for streaming. Each season has its own title and theme. However, the common theme is that each season follows the adventures of the titular character Shinnosuke, colloquially known as Shin-chan, and his family. Season 1 is called Aliens vs. Shinnosukeseason 2 is toy warsseason 3 is lone wolf and familyand season 4 is oh oh oh no shinnosuke. The spin-off was originally released exclusively on Amazon Prime Japan as Pencil Shin-chan Gaiden.

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Shin-chan’s spin-off has a different theme for each of its seasons

Season 1, Aliens versus Shinnosuke, is a comedy thriller set 100 years in the future. After waking from a cold sleep, the Nohara family find themselves aboard a spaceship drifting through space. Season 1 focuses on the hijackings that take place inside the ship.

Season 2, titled toy wars, refers to the plot of the 41st volume of the manga’s “Figure Wars” storyline. Unsold toys are preparing a revolt after being thrown away by people. Shin-chan fights alongside a middle-aged, overweight hero known as Chūkōnen Kamen to restore peace to the world.

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Season 3 lone wolf and family serves as a double homage, with a nod to the “Lone Wolf and Family” arc of the Pencil Shin-chan manga, but also to beloved classic manga lone wolf and cub. Season 3 tells the story of master swordsman Hiroshinosuke Nohara (Lone Wolf), traveling with his family while looking for a job. Various assassins attack them until they reach their last enemy, the Lone Wolf’s greatest foes: the armpit swordsmen of the Demon Bull Clan.

Spin-Off Season 4 Pays Homage to the Iconic Classic Anime GeGeGe no Kitaro. Shinnosokue is a kindergarten yokai who comes to town with his father, Tamatama Dad. While searching the city for yokai Big Butt Mom, who ran away from home, they encounter a schoolgirl who has encountered the mysterious yokai Fuzzy Wuzzy.

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Crayon Shin-chan’s anime series first aired in 1992

Pencil Shin-chanalso known as Shin Chan, is a long-running anime based on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. The series first aired on TV Asahi in 1992 and is still going strong with over 1,000 episodes. The series tells the story of Shinnosokue “Shin-chan” Nohara, a young boy who is extremely annoying despite his good intentions. He tries to do the right thing while having fun. However, his actions often frustrate the people around him to no end. Shin-chan’s localized version first aired on KIKU in Hawaii until 2001 before receiving a wider version on Adult Swim from 2006 to 2009.

Universal Cinergia in Miami did the dub for the series. Christina Gil Jopling voiced main character Shin-chan, in addition to Shin-chan’s friend and classmate Himawari. Roly Gutiérrez voiced family patriarch Hiroshi Nohara.

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Shin-Chan spin-off has four seasons, each of 13 episodes. Officially announced in May 2022, Amazon Prime released the spin-off dub in late August. The series is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Anime News Network