Sharry Hasan’s Khuda Surpasses 1K Views

The young Indian icon and entrepreneur, Sharry Hasan’s latest song “Tera Hi Bas Hona Chahoon” 2021 version was released this Saturday. The cover has just been released but it has already exceeded 1k views on youtube.

“Khuda Ko Dikh Raha Hoga”, is the most anticipated cover of young rising star Sharry Hasan. This song is produced by Dhyan Dinesh and directed by Shameem Ahmed. Although it is a cover, it is nothing less than the original song by Jojo and Najam Sheraz.

More about the song:
Sharry’s cover song, “Khuda Ko Dikh Raha Hoga” is a beautiful yet underrated song from the T-series movie “Haunted” which was sung by Jojo Mukherjee and Najam Siddiqui. The lyricist of this song is Junaid Wasi and the music was provided by Chirantan Bhatt.

“Khuda Ko Dikh Raha Hoga” 2022 version, the masterpiece produced by Dhyan Dinesh, sung by Sharry Hasan, directed by Shameem Ahmed and edited by lilboiofficial introduced this beautiful song to listeners and exceeded 2.4k views in one single day. Through this cover, Hasan touched many hearts while performing and also gave his soothing vocals to the amazing lyrics. Although it was a cover, the young artist gave listeners and fans the impression that it was the original song. Through the music video for this song, Sharry told the tragic story of a guy who suffered a plane crash and lost his loved ones.

About Sharry Hasan:

India’s young rising star Shahreyar Hasan, also known as Sharry, is one of the youngest and most talented artists and entrepreneurs in Motihari district of Bihar. Sharry is not only a great singer but also an excellent songwriter, actor, music composer, poet, stage performer and model.

His passion for music started with all the romanticism spread by the great singer Atif Aslam.

In 2012, he moved from Bihar to Delhi with his pure love for music and in 9th standard, he took a step forward to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist by creating a group named “TEAM MOH”. Later, he had his first opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people at the “Jamia Auditorium”. He took his vocal lessons for classical music from Shri Paras Mani Chaudhry and started his career.

Hasan released his first official song “Sunn Mere Dil” in 2016 which received lots of love and appreciation from people and his second song “Mera Ashq” was released in 2018 which helped him to show and express his work, his art, his passion and his advice. .

Later, he worked in many other music videos and commercials such as Boat Headset and parachute as an actor. He also released his three self-composed singles. These days, Hasan collaborates with many great artists and asks his fans to expect great releases.

Sharry also said that no matter what you go through in your life and never let anything destroy your dreams because in the end the only thing that matters is how much you worked for your dreams and how much you worked to make you proud .

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