Record number of migrants attempting to cross the Channel in one day

Nearly 700 migrants, along with asylum seekers, crossed the English Channel from France, trying to reach the UK, marking a new record for the highest so far this year.

In this regard, the Ministry of Defense pointed out that a total of 696 migrants attempted to cross the English Channel on 14 boats, surpassing the previous record of 651 in April, reports

Additionally, French authorities have also detained two boats at sea carrying a total of 35 people to each, according to a Vatican News report.

Every year, a large number of migrants attempt to cross the English Channel to reach the United Kingdom. So far, more than 17,000 people have arrived in the country, based on figures provided by the government.

Meanwhile, last year a total of 28,526 people made the crossing in boats, marking a notable increase from 8,404 in 2020.

In addition, a total of 3,683 people crossed the English Channel in July alone, the highest record this year.

According to the report, the majority of migrants come from poorer countries and often seek to seek asylum during the period they are chosen by the British authorities.

Experts have pointed out that the number of people crossing the Channel throughout the year depends on law enforcement measures along the coastline as well as weather conditions.

The increase in the number of Channel crossings was considered dangerous and unacceptable by the UK government, which suggested that “People should always seek asylum in the first safe country they reach, rather than risk their lives and line the pockets of ruthless criminal gangs to cross the English Channel.”

In April, French authorities reported that they had stopped more than 600 migrants from crossing the English Channel from France to the UK.

According to a press release issued at the time by the French police, people trying to cross the Channel to reach Great Britain were not in possession of valid documents.

According to the previous report by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, the number of migrants trying to reach the UK in the first quarter of this year has tripled compared to figures from a year ago. a year.

Furthermore, the report revealed that the majority of migrants used boats to reach Britain.

“The number of irregular migrants seeking to cross the Channel into the UK so far this year has almost tripled from a year ago to more than 8,900, half of them have been prevented from leaving and the other half were rescued by the British authorities”, Frontex report revealed.

Furthermore, according to Frontex, EU countries have recorded the highest number of illegal crossings at their external borders since the 2016 migration crisis.