Purchase line: English students choose from the book report menu | School News

English teacher Danielle Rishell makes her classes think outside the box when they do a book report.

Instead of asking students to write a five-page book report, Rishell decided to let students do whatever they wanted to do by choosing from a menu of options. Rishell gave students the choice to do one of the following for the book report. Students could do something like “Senior Year”, “Current Events”, “Journey Mapping”, “Public Service Announcement”, “Story Game”, “ELI5”, “Theme Graffiti”, and “Musical Theme”.

The Secondary Year Book Report Project was a project where students were expected to “imagine characters for a graduating class novel. Which would be “class clown” or “teacher’s pet”? What activities and clubs would they be in? What prizes would they win? etc Rishell said.

Sophomore John Elick has completed the high school year book report. When asked what type of book would be recommended for the high year project, Elick replied, “If you were to do the high year project for the book report, you would choose a book on a large number of people and/or high school students.” Elick explained why he chose the high school year book report instead of a different book project: “I chose this project because my book was ‘Friday Night Lights,’ which is about a group high school football players in Texas.”

Elick enjoyed doing the project. “It was great fun. I would.”

The Current Events Book Report was a project where you were supposed to “examine a few major themes, conflicts, or events in the book. Search for current news articles on similar conflicts and events, or that contain related themes. These can either be items that you think a character might find interesting, or just items that demonstrate how relevant the story ideas are today,” Rishell said.

The second year Emma Filipovich completed the book report on current events.

“I would personally recommend a book about issues that have happened in this world or things that you can relate to,” Filipovich said when asked what kinds of books she recommended for the project.

“I chose the Current Events project because my book was about child abuse and there are a lot of issues in this world about child abuse and how to prevent it.”

“I liked participating in this book project because it was very hands-on and we had to decide what project we wanted to do,” she added.

The Public Service Announcement book report project was where you were supposed to “mention an issue in your story that you could encourage the public to be more accountable about. It could be body image or racism, reckless driving or attendance, or any other topic you could research to disseminate information to the general public. Be sure to use credible sources to back up your claims,” Rishell said.

Sophomore Charles Edwards chose to report for the book Public Service Announcement.

“I would recommend a nonfiction book that has good descriptions of the event you’re writing about,” he said. Edwards said he chose this book report option “because it was the best fit for my book. My book was about the war on terror.

When asked if he enjoyed reporting on the book, Edwards said, “I didn’t feel bothered reading the book and completing the project. So I would say I like it. »