PM Modi tells the story of Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday

LUCK NOW: On the 93rd birth anniversary of vocal queen Lata Mangeshkar, a place has been dedicated to her name near the Saryu River in Ramnagari Ayodhya on Wednesday, September 28. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his video message that Lata Mangeshkar got emotional after Bhoomi Pujan Ram temple in Ayodhya. At that time, Lata Ji was also called PM Modi.

Prime Minister Modi said that after the Bhumi Pujan, Lata ji was filled with joy and emotion. The Prime Minister said that Lata ji could not believe that the construction of Ram Temple was finally starting. Recalling Lata Mangeshkar’s famous hymn “Man Ki Ayodhya Tab Tak Suni, Jab Tak Ram Na Aaye,” Prime Minister Modi said, “Shri Ram is going to come to the great temple of Ayodhya and before that, the name of Lata didi, who established the name of Ram among millions, was established with the city of Ayodhya forever.”

Along with this, Prime Minister Modi called the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya a “new chapter” in his “pride of heritage” and development and said the speed with which this work is being done is finished. Rock the country. Prime Minister Modi said that from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram, Ram is absorbed in every particle of India.

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