Penny Blood reveals 3 dense side stories readable online; English translations

The official site of the recently launched gothic horror JRPG, Penny Bloodalso known as the spiritual successor of shadow hearts, has been updated with several posts regarding the development of the game. One of the most important series of articles is called “Worldbuilding Wednesdays”, where various environments and characters are presented and detailed. Another weekly feature is “Mechanics Mondays”, which deals with game mechanics.

However, side stories are one of the densest parts of the website. Two translators from Penny Blood the campaign team, Ari Lee and Donna Gray are writing these stories, with creator Matsuzo Machida producing them.

Additionally, Machida notes the following about these accounts:

“As I haven’t started working on the game’s main story yet, the backgrounds and stories shown here may not match what ultimately appears in the game…These stories mainly focus on the Hellhunders, the anarchist terrorist group that will serve as opponents of Matthew and the BOI I would appreciate it if you let me know what you thought of it after reading.

There are currently three side stories available, listed below. It should also be noted that their content is intended for adults: