Norwegian swimmer nearly died in Budapest hospital: no one spoke English

“If my mother hadn’t come to Budapest, I don’t think I would have survived,” said one of Norway’s top swimmers after being released from a Budapest hospital. Below, you can read his shocking story highlighting why knowing foreign languages ​​would be crucial in the Hungarian healthcare system.

Norwegian swimmer struggling in Budapest

The best Norwegian breaststroke swimmer, André Klippenberg Grindheim, reported a horrible ordeal on his Instagram. He came to the 2022 FINA Aquatic World Championships in Budapest but was unable to participate in the tournament as he fell ill after stepping on Hungarian soil. The 22-year-old said in a recent Instagram post that he nearly died in hospital. But you would never guess the reason.

Grindheim wrote that the Hungarian hospital released him last Monday, reported. The Norwegian champion won his qualification last year. However, shortly after arriving on June 24, he had to call an ambulance due to severe stomach pains. He swelled as much as if he were expecting twins.

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No one told him if he would survive

He was waiting for the ambulance to arrive, but the hours passed. When they arrived, he was shocked that their English proficiency was next to zero. In the hospital, it became clear that a segment of his intestine had died because an internal hernia had caused inflammation that had spread to his appendix.

“I only remember before the operation that the doctor said either they are doing the operation or I only have a few hours left. It was hard to wait for anesthesia without being told if I have a chance to wake up.

he wrote.

Norwegian swimmer in Budapest hospital

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Fortunately, the appendix surgery was successful, but the torture did not end. The swimmer contracted severe pneumonia in hospital and was infected with the coronavirus. However,

health workers did not take the symptoms seriously.

His mother’s thermometer saved his life

Fortunately, her mother brought a thermometer, so she informed the staff of the abnormally high body temperature. After a blood test, it was clear that the high CRP level is the result of inflammation.

Afterwards, it was clear that the 22-year-old athlete suffered from pneumonia. Grindheim said

he lost 6 pounds in just 1.5 weeks.

Norwegian swimmer in Budapest hospital

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He was released last Monday and returned to Norway.

“Being in the hospital in Budapest was very difficult. I could barely communicate with those who treated me,” he complained. He said he was grateful that his mother could spend this time with him. She worked as a nurse for a while and the Norwegian swimmer said he didn’t think he wouldn’t have survived without her. He expressed no gratitude to the Hungarian nurses and doctors in his post.

Source:, Instagram