NEM Zagreb 2022 unveiled the full program for the event

Zagreb will once again become a central gathering place for successful producers, screenwriters, production companies and representatives of Free-to-air television, pay-TV channels, streaming servicesand other content creators.

NEM Zagreb 2022 is back – an event focused on the content development of the television industry in Central and Eastern Europe. A program packed with panels, Q&As, presentations, successful business practices, speakers and other special events was announced. Under the slogan All about content creation, the second edition of the event will be held from December 7 to 9 at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.

World-renowned professionals will discuss hot industry topics at various panel discussions:

Countries with low production are encouraged to co-produce in general while countries with high production prefer to choose larger countries. What do large production companies look for in partners in countries where production is not so developed?

Being a good leader is not an easy task, especially in situations of higher production costs and reduced budgets, the implementation of new technologies and dynamic business trends. What are the biggest challenges leaders face?

Titles based on real events are very popular. How far can writers and producers stray from facts, while keeping their content in the “based on a true story” category?

Writers create stories, write scripts, and help determine what episodes will look like. What does this creative process entail, what are the challenges, and why do good scripts sometimes underperform?

A Scandinavian model of co-production in the Adria region – a real possibility or completely impossible? Can the Adria region adapt to Scandinavian business practices?

The conversation about the TV industry will continue in several Q&A interviews through the following topics: The impact of streamers on non-English speaking content. Originals from producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Special programs to showcase original content and successful business practices

During the central part of the program called Content Showcase, the best original content in various stages of development will be featured. The program will consist of several presentations by leading European and regional companies such as Viaplay Group, Firefly Productions, 24sata and RTV Slovenia. Additionally, CineLink Drama will feature original content from BH Telecom and organize a showcase of selected projects.

NMS Zagreb also organizes a special program called Co-production Business Practice during which the famous Big Light Productions and Lumière will present their successful business practices.

To get into the Christmas spirit, Pickboxthe Croatian company that manages Pickbox NOW and TV pickboxwill host an exclusive Christmas party for partners and customers.

NMS Zagreb will end with an award ceremony for the winners of the TV writing competition. More than 50 works submitted in the scripted and unscripted categories are currently being evaluated by a jury of industry experts Beta movie, RaI, Zig Zag Productions, Script Angel, Joyrider, Croatian Broadcasting (THS), Radio TelevizijaSrbije (RTS), Telekom Srbija and CineLink Industry Days, the creative arm of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

In the days leading up to the event, there will be a workshop led by Script Angel and speaker Hayley McKenzie. The elements of the workshop are script writing, creating an original script, story development, character development, ideas, creating a story world, various exercises and assignments and the pitch.

Development of the television industry in the region

As an event focused on the CEE region and low production capacity countries in the region, NEM Zagreb aims to bring together regional audiovisual professionals and key decision makers from the rest of Europe. Knowledge exchange and a unique opportunity to network with television industry experts are essential elements of every edition of the New Europe Market (NEM).

Find more details on the official website of the NEM Zagreb 2022 and secure your participation.