Neha Joshi talks about her role in “Doosri Maa”

In the TV series “Doosri Maa”, actress Neha Joshi plays Yashoda, a housewife and mother. She discusses the challenges of portraying a mother on screen as well as how she connects with her character.

She said, “Yashoda works as a social worker and is a devoted housewife. She is a kind and sensible woman. She is happy with her two daughters. She never disrespects, but she’s not afraid to let people know she’s won. can’t stand it.”

Neha added “She has a special and clever way of making people aware of their mistakes. She meets Maya, a single mother, while she is at work and makes a promise to give Krishna, the only child of Maya, a safe and secure future.”

Yashoda (Neha Joshi), the protagonist of the story, lives in Uttar Pradesh with her husband, two daughters and in-laws. However, her life takes a drastic turn when she and her husband unknowingly adopt Krishna, who is played by Aayudh Bhanushali, her illegitimate child.

Neha claimed that she shares many characteristics with Yashoda “I share some of Yashoda’s character traits. I approach life realistically and despise deception, just like Yashoda does my husband and my family.”

Since the show is set in Uttar Pradesh and she is Maharashtrian, she was asked how she works on the dialect “As a creative person, I like to take on new challenges. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and helps me grow as There is always new knowledge waiting to be investigated.I had to adapt to the dialect and lifestyle of UP because I am a Maharashtrian.

“I had to go through a long workshop to learn the intricacies and inhabit the role. In order to understand and observe the mannerisms and lifestyle of some UP women, I also got to know them.”

“My theater experience also helps me to adapt and embody the character well. The director, Imtiaz Punjabi, is a perfectionist who is very picky about everything. As I had already collaborated with him on “Ek Mahanayak – Dr BR Ambedkar, “It was easy to understand and adjust to his needs,” she adds.

Regarding her experience working with young actor Aayudh Bhanusali, she said, “We are very happy and excited. Always in touch, we made it a point to talk on the phone, text and meet each other when we We could. Our relationship has always been very unique. I also treat him like my son in real life.”

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