More than 1,000 migrants crossed the English Channel in a single day

More than 1,000 migrants crossed the Channel in 25 boats on October 9, according to figures released by the Ministry of Defence.

According to a recent report provided by the BBC, the total number of migrants making the same trip from France this year reached 34,672, reports

In this regard, the Ministry of Defense said it recorded a total of 1,065 people crossing the English Channel on Sunday, while no uncontrolled landings were reported.

Last year it was reported that a total of 28,526 people were recorded crossing the English Channel in small boats, an increase of 8,404 recorded in 2020.

In this regard, the Home Office stressed that migrants crossing through safe countries to enter the UK would not be allowed to start a new life here.

UK Minister Suella Braverman recently stressed that she would put in place a new plan which would ban the entry of migrants crossing the English Channel to seek asylum.

According to an earlier Reuters report, the announcement was also confirmed by a government source, as she stressed she would use her speech at the Conservative Party’s annual conference to deport those who come to Britain illegally. .

“It is right that we extend the hand of friendship to those who really need it. Some parts of the system do not work. We must end the abuse of the rules and reduce the numbers that do not meet the needs of our economy,” Braverman pointed out in this regard.

In this regard, the Ministry of Defense pointed out that a total of 449 people crossed the Channel on Thursday in ten boats, while the number of Channel crossings reached nearly 33,000 this year, making a total of 32,807.

Additionally, figures previously provided by the PA agency revealed that in September alone, a total of 7,767 people crossed the English Channel illegally.

The British government considered the increase in the number of crossings at Channel as dangerous and unacceptable while stressing that “People should always seek international protection in the first safe country they reach, rather than risk their lives and line the pockets of ruthless criminal gangs to cross the English Channel.”

Earlier, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed hope that a plan to deport anyone who reaches Rwanda illegally would soon be put in place.