Morbius, the disappointment intensifies after the presentation of the English public: “It’s as bad as expected”

Although the reviews are not yet available, some members of the press and many fans have been able to trust him. Twitter on their considerations MorbiusWith Sony’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Jared LetoAfter the public presentation which took place in London.

These reactions are not exactly in the name of enthusiasm. Below we report some thanks for your reports character book And of splash screen.

Collider’s Seb Astley wrote:

Morbius is as bad as expected. A story that’s been around since 2005 comes up against chaotic infographics that help create a rather boring experience. But don’t worry because you’ve saved the worst until the end of the film. which features two of the ugliest post-credit scenes we’ve ever seen. Sony, what are you going to do?

Nicholas Austin:

Sadly, Morbius isn’t exactly cool (some really flimsy CGI and an equivalent story from the early 2000s) and it’s not as fun as Venom either. I was really confused about the future of Sony’s SpiderVerse after the post-credits scenes. But Matt Smith seems to be having a good time

Cine-club escape:

Morbius is proof that no matter the famous faces or cool visuals used, Sony has always managed to find a way to misunderstand the ground rules of storytelling.

Moon Knight by Rain Jekins:

In Morbius, Matt Smith plays very well and Oliver Wood provides visual appeal to the action scenes. But other than that, the bad story, messy CGI, confusing editing, and worst sound mixing create a complete contradiction. But the post-credits scenes managed to overcome all that

Cameron Howe:

Morbius is as rambling and boring as expected. It was openly butchered in the editing room by a studio that didn’t know what to do – not that there was a good movie lurking somewhere. The post-credits scenes are a parody. Stick around if you want to laugh.

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