Migrant crossings: Nearly 1,000 people cross the Channel in a day as figures approach total for all of 2021 | UK News

More people reached the UK in small boats on Sunday after nearly 1,000 people made the dangerous crossing yesterday.

The number of arrivals in 2022 – currently over 26,000 – could soon eclipse last year’s total despite the summer, according to data compiled and analyzed by Sky News.

Young children were among those brought ashore in recent days as people continue to risk their lives to make the perilous journey from the north France.

More people were seen arriving in the Port of Dover on Sunday ahead of an expected deterioration in weather conditions.

At least 960 people reached the UK on Saturday on 20 boats, according to government figures.

In addition to the increase in the overall number of crossings, there has been a worrying trend in the conditions on board the often unseaworthy vessels making the journey in recent years.

According to analysis of Sky News data, an average of 39 people are crammed on board each boat that reaches the UK this year, up from 28 in 2021 and 13 in 2020.

The dangers of overloading dinghies were clearly demonstrated when 27 people died after their boat sank off the coast of France last year.

Unable to stem the flow of crossings – which have increased in recent years – the British government has resorted to threatening to send asylum seekers back to Rwanda in a bid to create some deterrence.

However, the diet was mired in legal challenges, and more than 20,000 people have crossed the Strait of Dover in small boats since Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the deal with Kigali.

More people were seen arriving in Dover on Sunday

Several asylum seekers, the public and commercial services union and charities Care4Calais, Detention Action and Asylum Aid are challenging the legality of the Home Office’s policy, with the next court hearings due from Monday .

Activists also called on the government to drop the plan and release those awaiting release from detention.

Around 60,000 people were expected to cross the Strait of Dover in 2022, more than double the 2021 figure.

Arrivals in Dover, Kent on Sunday

In recent years the Home Office has repeatedly promised to make the route “unviable” for small boats, but the number of arrivals has steadily increased: from 1,843 in 2019 to 28,526 in 2021.

The government has explored everything since sonic weapons at controversial pushback tactics in an attempt to stop the crossings.

It was accused by lawyers of trying to ‘demonize’ people who support refugees with claims on “leftist lawyers”.