Maryolive releases a new EP, mixing English and Kikuyu

The 34-year-old has released her first self-titled project. Spawning four songs, that is. “September”, “Crush”, “With You”and “Nyamwati”Maryolive unleashes her vocal dexterity on the record with ballads about her love interest.

Launched by the single “With you” Accompanied by a visual by talented Kenyan home video maker, Ivan Odie, Maryolive created the EP as she transitions from a highly respected live performer in the Orchestra universe to contemporary music.

Hailed as a multi-genre artist, Mary’s sound can cut across touches of R&B, Pop and Soul. On her debut EP, she’s vulnerable, adamant and raw as she sings loaded love songs with a candor only she can deliver.

“I feel like it’s the perfect time to introduce myself to the world” she says. “I made a name for myself in the classical music industry, but I always wanted to share my own music with the world. This EP represents that. I spent a lot of time in 2020 discovering myself and I I then wrote these songs. I can’t wait for you to hear them all” she mentions.

The production of his new EP is largely handled by producers and instrumentalists such as Nick Loder, Mbithi Nzau, Bernadette Muthoni, Masala Sefu, Paul Chege and Sedar Malaki who are recognized names in the live music industry.

Tinted with live guitars, luxurious piano solos, Maryolive lends her pain to the music and the results are four records that reflect the loving depth of the emote, a relatable feeling that everyone can share a story of at some point in their life.