Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Hatred of English Grows

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s public persona is defined by what she hates.

Immigrants. Vegans. Arms control. Communism. Elites. Joe Biden. Globalism. CRT. Science. Abortion. Democratic elections. The media. George Soros. Anthem on your knees. Jimmy Kimmel. Education. Vaccines. Metal detectors. PBS. Good quality hair dye. And any theory that isn’t a deranged conspiracy.

It’s only a matter of time before she denounces gravity as a liberal hoax.

Good. No matter. I no longer have the energy to reason with the unreasonable. The kook-a-palooza wing of the Republican Party now has its headquarters on Mars. Reality has been stifled by the fantasy of the madmen.

If MAGA were TGI Fridays, specials would include “Obama’s Kenya Oreo Madness,” “California Crime Club,” and “Loaded Potato Skins,” served with Pelosi hot sauce and a free AR-15.

But forget the mad conspiracies of MTG. Instead, let’s focus on something else the Georgian MP clearly hates: English.

This week, the previously unknown term “Peach Tree Dish” was trending on social media. This happened after MTG released another video to showcase another theory that makes perfect sense and suitability for the office.

“You have to accept the fact that the government wants to totally monitor every aspect of your life,” Greene warned, staring into the camera like a startled chimpanzee looking in a mirror for the first time.

“They want to know when you’re eating, they want to know if you’re eating a cheeseburger, which is very bad, because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat growing in a peach dish.”

Oh yes. The famous peach dish. It’s like a petri dish, only the outside of the glass is blurry. And you’re growing crops atop a mottled pit in the center that’s the color of MTG’s lips after a Pinot bender.

Just to be clear, it would be Pinot Noir, not Pinochet.

Mrs Greene continues to treat our beautiful language as if it were a revolting fairy tale – or as she would spell it, a ferry tail. She claims to be so much smarter than everyone else. But most illegal immigrants hoping to cross America’s southern border could absolutely destroy it on a 3rd grade English test.

Let them in and deport her to Merriam-Webster.

Traditional values ​​should include homophones, which is MTG’s kryptonite. It’s almost as if she’s so obsessed with banning or burning books that she’s never read any. If she had, she would know it was a “Petri dish” and not a “fish dish”. If you ask her to “calculate pi”, she will instinctively go to a bakery. Most of the letters she writes accidentally turn voters into hoofed ruminants: “Deer Steve. Law-abiding gun owners are not grain killers. We are unique companions and as my ant Gertrude used to say, “You can’t understand the truth.” All the best, Margorey.

Already enough. I don’t care if MTG wants to make a fool of itself by patriotically waxing Q, a character totally invented in the seething minds of its fellow travelers. I don’t care if she thinks 9/11 was a false flag or libs drink baby blood or the biggest planetary threat is ‘Jewish space lasers’. If she wants to embarrass herself on Facebook Live by chattering incoherently about how Bill Gates harvests fake cheeseburgers from a peach dish that also contain microchips to zap eaters for irregular bowel movements, I’m confused. and at a loss for words to answer.

But I will never stop defending English against these far-right barbarians.

Earlier this year, MTG’s obsession with surveillance and alleged betrayal of the Democrats prompted another verbal blunder when she mistook Hitler’s secret police for chilled Spanish soup.

As she told a right-wing cable channel, “Not only do we have DC prison, which is DC’s gulag, but now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on congressmen, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staff and spying on US citizens.

once i messed up one Valencian seafood recipe and I was terrified that the paella police could give me five to seven years of solitary confinement without saffron. Remember the start of the Cold War, when Stalin’s KFC spies tried to disrupt the world order with blockades and 18-coin buckets?

Why does MTG hate English? Why does she confuse “gazpacho” with “Gestapo” and strut about believing that the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri invented a peach dish? Why does she keep gossiping about “stolen elections,” which, given the evidence, suggests she knows neither the English meaning of “stolen” nor “elections”?

I will tell you why. Marjorie Taylor Greene, like the rest of her party’s kook-a-palooza wing, is defined by what she hates. Master spelling, syntax, grammar, knowledge – it’s a labor of love. Hating Bill Gates or AOC is easy. Have you ever noticed that MTG only praises what is patently absurd but rails against what is patently verifiable? It’s weird. It’s a question of partisan theatre, of being on a hostile team. If Biden announced a lunar cure for cancer, Marj would declare that she is now pro-tumor in a Facebook Live that would involve chain smoking and asbestos giveaways.

America must purge itself of politicians who hate America.

It can start with getting rid of those who hate English.


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