Mahogany reveals why she speaks English so fluently

90 Day Fiancé: Prior to the 90 Days, Mahogany’s perfect English led fans to believe she was not Peruvian, but secretly American like her boyfriend Ben.

Peruvian 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days Star Mahogany Roca explained to her Instagram followers why she can speak English so well. Mahogany has become the greatest mystery of the 90 day fiance spin-off in her screenplay with Michigan man Ben Rathbun, 30 years older than her. Fans were sure Season 5 star Mahogany was a catfish and not a real person, as Ben explained he had never seen her on video and only knew her pictures on social media with filters. Although Ben ended up meeting Mahogany in Peru, many questions about him remained unanswered. The highly anticipated Tell-All made matters worse by not revealing if Ben and Mahogany stayed together.


Because Ben had already been fished out by a man in Nigeria, the chances of it happening again with Mahogany were high. Mahogany had already taken a $1,000 loan from Ben and given him a fake address. She also lied to him about her age telling him she was 24, despite being in rally 22. Ben claimed that Mahogany knew little English so he also used a translator to speak to her in Peru . But from what fans could see, Mahogany was fluent in English and even had an accent that made her sound less Peruvian to them. Some viewers have accused Mahogany of being a 90 day fiance production plant and an actress who came over from America to play the role of the real Mahogany, who never showed up to meet Ben.

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But Mahogany finally told her fans on Instagram why she spoke English so well. Mahogany posted another heavily filtered photo to her IG Stories. “Good morning! I have a lot to say!Mahogany wrote as a caption. She admitted she didn’t open up much about 90 day fiance. However, San Bartolo resident Mahogany confessed that she had “much to say” and tell TLC viewers. The first topic Mahogany wanted to address was his fluency in English. Mahogany said she never called her English the best. But when she was three, she was already singing songs in English.

Mahogany English Peruvian Catfish Instagram Ben In 90 Day Fiance

This is where Mahogany’s passion for English began. However, Mahogany also addressed accusations that she was not a Latina. “I am proud that my Spanish is part of meMahogany said. While that may or may not have been a satisfying enough answer to 90 day fiance Mahogany English fans, there is still a lot unresolved in her history with former pastor Ben. Why Mahogany showed Ben an Airbnb rental and pretended it was his house was not brought up during the Tell-All. Mahogany has never justified its obsession with the filter either.

Additionally, Ben and Mahogany’s vague Instagram posts also don’t say whether or not they’re still together after the 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days meeting. Fans weren’t able to hear Mahogany’s side of the story as her introductory interview was also not recorded. It was Ben who later revealed that Mahogany had a career in law and used filters just for fun on social media. But Ben isn’t reliable enough as a narrator for fans to believe him. Mahogany’s current relationship status on Facebook indicates that she is single. An old photo from Pre-Season 5 Mahogany at a Lima-based acting school is proof that she’s a trained actress. So, was she making wedding plans with Ben the second time he visited Peru before the Tell-All was part of an act? After revealing her secret about her English, maybe Mahogany will slowly start spilling more tea on herself on Instagram.

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