Live A Live Prehistory and English Imperial China Trailers Revealed

During the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced an HD-2D remake of the Super Famicom RPG live alive, which had never seen an official English release of any kind until this reveal. It’s an incredibly imaginative and unique game from Takashi Tokita, the main planner of Final Fantasy 4 and a director on the trigger of a stopwatchand its main thing is that the game takes place through eight distinct eras with different tones and protagonists for each era. So in other words, live alive consists of eight wildly different RPG scenarios, and today there are new English language trailers to showcase the “Prehistory” and “Imperial China” scenarios.

The Prehistory scenario in live alive is essentially a romantic comedy adventure about cave men and women. However, the language has yet to evolve, so the whole story is told through physical emotions instead of traditional dialogue. It’s an unorthodox but seriously fun setup, and Pogo is an energetic caveman protagonist. Also, there’s a character wearing a lizard in their underwear, which is fantastic.

Meanwhile, the scenario of Imperial China in live alive is about shifu Earthen Heart, “an old kung fu master who lives on top of Mount Aspiration”. He seeks an heir to his skills to succeed him before he dies, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide which of the three disciples will become his successor.

live alive features distinct character designs for each era as they were designed by different manga artists including Gosho Aoyama, Osamu Ishiwata, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Kazuhiko Shimamoto, Yumi Tamura, Yoshihide Fujiwara, and Ryouji Minagawa. Moreover, this HD-2D remake of live alive includes music rearrangements overseen by original composer Yoko Shimomura, plus new artwork by Naoki Ikushima of Octopath Traveler. Meanwhile, Takashi Tokita remains as the producer overseeing the entire project.

live alive releases July 22, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, and the Prehistory and Imperial China trailers offer a fun preview of what’s to come. In Japan, the game will receive a special edition that includes a board game.