Life Through Hannah’s Inner Eyes | Career and Campus

Hannah is a special girl. It was her unfailing courage and her hope that always pushed her to look to the future despite her blindness. There is perspective and preparation in every decision she makes. And the past few days have been filled with happiness – she passed the CBSE plus two exams in the disabled category, her first book titled “Welcome Home” came out, and she also got a scholarship to pursue higher education abroad. It’s her way of giving back to all those people who have supported her despite her disability. She is also grateful that she never spoiled her beyond a point.

one of us

Hannah Alice Simon, originally from Ernakulam, is a motivational speaker, singer, music director and author. She is also blind from birth. Her parents always encouraged her to be independent from an early age. Her mother Lija who is a teacher at the Don Bosco school and her father Simon who works in a private company have always treated her like a normal child. Instead of a special school, they send him to a normal school. Until the 5th grade, she studied the Braille language. For this, his mother first learned the Braille format. Hanna, who had already learned to write, had trouble mastering the braille format. It took her a long time to finally master the Braille language. Later, she took the help of a computer for her studies.

Since Hannah loved to read, the first thing she did after gaining access to the computer was figure out how to read books. It was her father who introduced Hannah to the world of books when she was a child. Hannah listened with her heart when her father told her stories in an evocative and dramatic way. And it was these stories that turned her into an author and resulted in a book called “Welcome Home.” The book which tells the stories of 6 girls was published by Don Bosco Publications. Since most of the books she liked to read in the software had expired their copyright dates, she used to read old English literature (please check if the translation works here). It was only recently that Hanna started enjoying reading Malayalam literature.

Courage is rewarded

Hannah, who has a YouTube channel, is a singer and learned music until grade 10. She also composed nine devotional songs in English. She once quit music lessons to protest society’s stereotypical idea that blind people automatically excel in music. But when she resumed music lessons again under the tutelage of Radhika Sethumadhavan at the age of 13, Hannah began to love music again. She takes motivational courses in institutions and likes to refer to her own story as a source of inspiration. Hannah also runs spoken English classes for children in orphanages.

Hannah, who landed first place in the CBSE Plus two exams, is set to travel to the United States on the 9th of this month. She got a scholarship to do a psychology degree from Notre Dame University. Currently, Hannah works in an NGO in Palarivattom to obtain funds for her studies. Hannah plans to work part-time even while studying in the United States. Hannah gives full credit to her loving family of parents and siblings (younger brothers Hanok and Daniel) who gave her the impetus to dream and work on it. And also thanks to the support she received from her teachers and friends.