Licensed Clinical Social Worker Launches English and Spanish Versions of 2nd Volume of Successful Latinx/e in Social Work; 23 social workers share their challenges, their successes

“Countless people have told me how they finally saw themselves reflected in a social work text and how meaningful it was to see their experiences validated throughout the book.”

New York-based CEO and Founder of Latinx In Social Work Inc. Erica P. Sandoval, LCSW, continues to educate readers on the importance of having Latinx/e social workers helping clients in their communities with the launch of his new anthology “Latinx/e in Social Work Vol. II.”

Published by Fig Factor Media, “Latinx/e In Social Work Vol. II” features 23 social work authors sharing their stories, challenges, and successes as they navigate their careers and serve their communities. Recently, Sandoval and the new authors presented their stories at a special book launch in New York.

“The authenticity of our stories in Volume II will allow readers to process their own journeys and feel supported,” Sandoval said. “The book also allowed us to create a mentorship network and connect social workers from different industries. This type of networking has never been done before, but it is desperately needed.

Sandoval knows that this book and the one launched last year – “Latinx in Social Work” – resonated with many readers who sent him positive responses.

“Countless people have told me how they finally saw themselves reflected in a social work text and how meaningful it was to see their experiences validated throughout the book,” she said. “When the book came out, we were a #1 bestseller in Amazon’s social work category. Schools of social work have clamored to include the book in their curricula. We were thrilled to partner with New York University’s Silver School of Social Work on a series of talks on racial discrimination in social work and the importance of mentorship, which over 1,000 people attended.

The authors of Volume II are as follows:

  • Ernest Gonzales, PhD, MSSW
  • Leticia L. Cavazos, DSW, LMSW
  • Anderson Torres, Ph.D., LCSW-R
  • Virgen Luce ACSW, LCSW-R, MSW, BA
  • Olga Preciado, LMSW
  • Budy J. Whitfield, LCSW
  • Basiliso Moreno, LMSW
  • Harleny Vasquez, LMSW, SIFI
  • Monika C. Estrada Guzman, BSW, LMSW, SIFI
  • Elizabeth Conde, LMSW, SIFI
  • Yaberci Perez-Cubillan, LCSW-R
  • Rosita L. Marinez, MS-NPL, ADV-CSW, MSW, SIFI
  • Jean Carlos Osorio, LCSW-R, CDBT, SIFI
  • Emilio Tavarez, MSW
  • Giselle Rodriguez, LCSW
  • Julissa Vasquez, LCSW SIFI
  • Antonio Morales, LCSW
  • Karen Conlon, LCSW CCATP
  • Carolyn Peguero Spencer, MA, LCSW, BC-TMH, PhD (c)
  • Kevin Caraballo Barrios, LMSW
  • Gisselle Pardo, LCSW, MPH
  • Dianne Morales, MS, EdM
  • Erica P. Sandoval, LCSW-SIFI

Sandoval added that she generously donated 100% of Volume I retail proceeds to the Latino Coalition Scholarship Fund Inc. for scholarships for Latinx/e students pursuing their Masters of Social Work. Since the first book, she has donated $5,000 to help these students pay for tuition and licensing exams.

Sandoval explained that there is a significant need for Latinx/e social workers.

“According to a statistic from the Pew Research Center, America’s Latinx/e population grew from 62.5 million in 2021 to 50.5 million in 2010, making us one of the fastest growing demographics” , she explained. “However, the number of Latinx/e social workers is not nearly proportional to our share of the population. In addition to this, there are still several barriers to mental health access for the Latinx/e community, from the lack of linguistically appropriate services (only 5% of licensed U.S. therapists provide services in Spanish, according to the American Psychological Association) lack of access to health insurance (20% of Latinx/e do not have health insurance, according to Mental Health America). More than 10 million Latinx/e people have reported having a mental illness, and only 34% of them are receiving treatment, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Sometimes mental health treatment is something that is not talked about openly and can be seen as a weakness. Let’s open a discussion about mental health and raise awareness.

Enthusiastically supporting Sandoval and the authors, the president of the Latin American Coalition of Social Work and Scholarship Fund, Luisa Lopez.

“I am delighted with the publication of the second volume of ‘Latinx/e in Social Work’ and I know that, like the first volume, this book will have a major impact on generations of social workers to come,” said Lopez. “We are honored to have been selected to be the recipient of the donations, which will go a long way to ensuring that there is a vibrant and strong pipeline of Latinx/e social work students ready and able to serve in our most communities. vulnerable. I thank Erica Sandoval for her generosity and all the great authors for authentically sharing their stories for the benefit of the future of social work.

“Latinx/e In Social Work Vol. II” is available for purchase on Amazon. A recording of the virtual launch can be viewed here.

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