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When Kaitlinn Flower decided to go to college to prepare for a career in teaching, she knew she wanted a full, well-rounded course. After all, the the subject of requests in English its teachers should be proficient in a variety of subjects and research areas, from literature analysis to broader topics such as communications, journalism, education, and language.

She found the perfect institution in Edge Hill University (EHU). Created in 1885EHU now holds the title of Modern University of the Year in The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. This only adds to EHU’s already impressive list of accolades, ranking second in the UK UK for university facilities at one of the best in the UK. Green Spaces for 10 consecutive years.

This makes EHU ideal for students like Kaitlinn to gain new relationships, new opportunities and newfound confidence – as offered by the MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

This program prioritizes the needs of students. More than that: it meets the requirements of English as a subject, exposing its students to a wealth of information and skills useful to the teaching profession.

Kaitlinn was drawn to the program for this exact reason. “Learning about second language acquisition and designing and adapting textbooks has improved my planning and teaching skills,” she shares. “In terms of reading the course and writing assignments, I received constant support in my written work and was always encouraged to use the reading list to its full extent.”

Today, she teaches academic English at Lancaster University’s summer pre-sessional program – a role she describes as “notoriously hard to get” and a testament to the impact of the MA TESOL.

EHU was also named University of the Year in the Educate North Awards 2020/21. Source: Edge Hill University

At EHU, Kaitlinn was given various materials and resources to consider which she says “were valuable while [she] wrote and continued to be helpful while working. “I now feel like I have a better understanding and understanding of learner needs and how to create resources that meet them,” she adds.

Interspersed with this is a leadership and management module, created for those who might be seeking a position in education or other fields. “As well as giving me confidence, the course helped me identify my own skills, including the ability to lead a team,” says graduate Lisa Moret.

These courses enhanced his employability. At the end of the program, she received several job offers. “Since completing the MA TESOL I have received many job offers, acted as head of department in my current role as ESOL tutor and am starting a teaching position next month principal providing IELTS courses,” she says. “In the future, I hope to be able to train people to teach English as a foreign or second language.”

Kaitlinn had a similar experience. “Before I even started writing my thesis, I had several job offers, including a position as director of studies and a position as a pre-sessional tutor at a major British university,” she says. “Earning an MA TESOL has proven to be invaluable and essential to gaining access to positions in higher education and in interviews potential employers are continually impressed with the depth of knowledge I have acquired regarding TESOL.”

Edge Hill University

ESU’s MA TESOL has been designed to put learners’ needs first. Source: Edge Hill University

Stories like Lisa and Kaitlinn’s are common among EHU graduates. In reality, 95.3% of EHU students are employed or further education within 15 months of graduation – an impressive feat for any given university.

Much of this has to do with the extensive level of support given to students – which Kaitlinn describes as “unparalleled”. “A tutor arranged for my cohort to have a video chat with a prominent TESOL teacher,” she shares. “Professor Bell gave a captivating presentation on his career and excellent advice. All the tutors supported me in my job search by reviewing my CV, discussing job specifications and discussing opportunities further.

Lisa adds that the support often goes beyond the classroom at EHU. “I took the course during the COVID-19 pandemic in a complex family situation,” she says. “The head of department checked on me regularly to make sure I was okay, which made me feel valued as a student and had a positive impact on my involvement in the course.”

However, perhaps the greatest impact the MA TESOL had on Lisa and Kaitlinn was the role it played in instilling a deeper love for learning and discovery. Both loved the program so much that after graduation, they are both preparing to return to academia.

Edge Hill University

95.3% of EHU students are employed or continue their studies within 15 months of graduation. Source: Edge Hill University

“My experience at Edge Hill has been overwhelmingly positive, growing me as a person and helping me find more appropriate and rewarding career goals,” says Lisa. “For example, while studying at Edge Hill University, I realized that I really liked doing research.”

“That’s why, after gaining additional experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESOL), I’m now applying for a PhD in Education,” Lisa shares. Likewise, Kaitlinn aims to pursue a PhD in the near future.

Lisa and Kaitlinn have no regrets in the decisions they made. “By joining Edge Hill University, I have built my confidence, improved my academic skills, and established international connections,” says Lisa. “If I had to sum up Edge Hill in three words, I would say support, kindness and commitment. I highly recommend it as a university.