John Woo’s English-Language Remake of 1989 Film ‘The Killer’ Reportedly Coming in 2023

Hong Kong action director John Woo to direct English-language remake of his film The killer, arrive in 2023 on the Peacock streaming platform 16 years after it was first announced.

According to The envelopethe cast of the english remake of The killer hasn’t been announced, but the film is expected to premiere on the streaming platform sometime in 2023 as part of Peacock’s slate of three original films due out next year.

The remake of the 1989 classic starring Chow Yun-fat was first announced in 2007 and was originally set to be helmed by Korean-American director John H. Lee. At the time, Terence Chang of Lion Rock Productions said Reuters that the film would be based in Los Angeles, with a Korean-American lead actor.

“In John’s original version, it doesn’t matter where the movie is set, except Hong Kong has this dragon boat festival which adds a bit of local flavor. In this remake, we will use the geography of Los Angeles to move the story forward,” the producer said.

Lee left the project due to delays in 2015. In April 2018, Deadline announced that Woo cast Lupita Nyong’o for the remake, but the actress also ultimately dropped out due to delays.

The remake is said to be part of a slate of three Peacock movies — the streaming service’s first originals — made in collaboration with Universal Pictures. The other two films are Shooting Starswhich tells the origin story of Lebron James as a high school basketball player and comedy-drama Rent this from Girls trip producer Will Packer.

Woo announced last year that he would return to American cinema for the first time in two decades with the next action film silent night. The Joel Kinnaman-directed project is a dialogue-free action film that follows a father as he heads into the underworld to avenge the death of his young son.

John Wick producers Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Christian Mercuri and Lori Tilkin have all joined the cast of silent night.

Woo is best known to Western audiences for directing hard target, Front/Off, mission: impossible 2, Paycheck and broken arrow. The director’s catalog includes his acclaimed Hong Kong-based action films A better tomorrow and Bullet in the head.