Instagram rolls out longer, uninterrupted Stories for users

New Delhi, Sep 24 (IANS) Meta-owned Instagram has rolled out a new feature globally that will allow users to upload longer, uninterrupted stories.

Currently, if an Instagram user uploads a story that’s less than 60 seconds, it’s split into 15-second clips.

“Now you’ll be able to play and create stories continuously up to 60 seconds, instead of being automatically cut into 15-second clips,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“We’re still working on ways to improve the Stories experience,” the spokesperson added.

Viewers will also no longer have to press continuously to skim through a long video that they may not want to see.

Additionally, the ability to post longer, uninterrupted stories somewhat blurs the lines between stories and reels, as you now have two options for posting a 60-second video.

In June, Instagram added support for longer reels of up to 90 seconds, up from the previous 60 second limit.

Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is also testing a new Stories layout that hides excessive posts.

Users can currently post 100 stories at a time. While that number should stay the same despite the change, users who received the update need to tap a “View All” button to see the rest of the stories.

Otherwise, Instagram moves on to the next person’s stories. This brings about a significant change in how Instagram stories work.