In ‘The Courtship’, 3 New Jersey men head to an English castle in search of love

If anyone is wondering where chivalry and courtship have gone, they can find it in spades in an unusual place — a new dating reality show.

“The Courtship” features Seattle engineer Nicole Remy, “a modern girl tired of modern dating,” transported back to Regency-era England to look for love, according to an NBC statement. “In a grand 19th-century castle set among the hills of the English countryside, a group of 16 eligible suitors must fight to win her heart.”

The show is hosted by writer and broadcaster Rick Edwards.

Three New Jersey men are among 16 who are putting their hearts — and their archery skills — on the line for love. They include Point Pleasant pizzeria owner Giuseppe Castronovo; Danny Kim, former Air Force captain and trusted trainer from East Brunswick; and anesthesiologist Jarrett Schanzer of Holmdel.

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“From carriage rides and masquerade balls to archery, fencing and handwriting, Nicole and her pursuers trade the sensibilities of today for the grand gestures of the past.

“Leaving the modern world behind presents its fair share of challenges for hopeful Nicole fans,” the NBC statement continued, “and the pressure mounts when they discover they also have to get the stamp of approval. from her Court of Trust: her father, Claude; her mother, Claire; her sister, Danie; and her best friend, Tessa.”

The Court chooses Nicole’s dates and advises her.

The suitors will face a weekly farewell ball where Nicole will reveal whether they will continue their journey or if “their car is waiting to take them back to the modern world”.

Here are the biographies of the show’s local contestants:

Giuseppe Castronovo

Giuseppe Castronovo

Age: 27

Occupation: Pizzeria owner

Location: Pleasant point

Social: @thegiuseppec

Whether it’s baking the perfect pizza or falling in love, we know this Italian boy will put his heart into it. Giuseppe opened a pizzeria with his father after owning a pizza boat, where he sailed the Jersey Shore to toss pizzas and woo the ladies. Giuseppe grew up in a large Italian family, his Sicilian grandparents being the glue that binds everyone together. After seeing his late grandparents so lucky to find true love, he jumped from relationship to relationship trying to find that special spark, but grew tired of modern dating games. Giuseppe seeks to warm his queen’s heart and fill his stomach – and make her laugh.

Captain Danny Kim

Danny Kim is looking for love on NBC "Courtship."

Age: 31

Occupation: Former Air Force Captain

Location: Seoul, South Korea/East Brunswick

Social: @captaindanielkim

After being honorably discharged from the Air Force as a captain, Danny was inspired by the movie “Hitch” and set out to build his own business as a trusted coach. Her goal is to help men realize their worth and potential to be successful in their relationships. Overcoming his fair share of grief, Danny is ready to share his life with someone who wants to grow with him. Although he can be considered a master of dating, he is willing to receive help in getting married.

Dr. Jarrett Schanzer

Jarrett Schanzer is looking for love on "Courtship."

Age: 35

Occupation: Aesthetic Medicine/Anesthesiologist

Location: Holmdel/Miami

Social: @doctorjarrett

At the age of 9, Dr. Jarrett had a plane crash. Since then, he has devoted his life to helping others. CEO of putting people to sleep and making them look 10 years younger, he recently left the hospital life of anesthesia and became a prominent master injector of Botox, fillers and other fashionable aesthetic procedures in South Florida, New York and beyond. He is passionate about mental health, life coaching, fitness and nutrition, and enjoys in-line skating and snowboarding.

“The Courtship” airs on NBC at 8 p.m. Sundays starting March 6 and is available to stream on Peacock the following day.

Ilana Keller is an award-winning journalist and lifelong New Jersey resident who loves Broadway and really bad puns. She shines a light on arts advocacy and education, theater fundraisers and more in her “Sightlines” column. Connect with us on Twitter: @ilanakeller; [email protected]