I made a full english with my slow cooker and it turned green

We all love to fry our hearts out in the morning, but the logistics of prematurely frying eggs and bacon probably aren’t worth it for some. What if I told you there is a way to have a fresh English breakfast without going through Deliveroo?

Even better, it will save you money on your energy bills. The answer? A slow cooker.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Elliot, your eggs have turned green and I like my eggs yellow and runny.” I get that, believe it or not, that’s how I like my eggs too.

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I admit the eggs didn’t go as planned and frankly I’d rather not talk about it. I’m willing to try most things in the name of journalism – Exhibit A: The day I took on the One Chip Challenge live on Plymouth Hoe.

But the eggs were a step too far. I’m not entirely sure why they transformed into some sort of life form unknown to science, but it was quickly eliminated after its discovery. As for the rest of the breakfast, I think it could be considered a success.

You might be thinking why the hell would I even try such a thing. Well, I was inspired by birmingham live journalist Rebecca Astill. In her post, Rebecca says she tried experimenting with her slow cooker after reading that the device only costs 23 pence per meal to operate.

After doing some research, she came across a slow fry recipe that had gone viral on social media a few years ago — and decided to put it to the test. The Slow Cooker Full English Breakfast is believed to have been created by Sonia Cheetham.

She had the idea to save time when preparing breakfast for her two teenage daughters. It was then posted on a Facebook group, went viral and then picked up by the BBC, The Sun and various other UK news sites.

After a few frustrating minutes of trying to get my sausages to fit, it was finally time for my breakfast to start cooking

I myself went with a recipe created by the Slow Cooker Club. Cooking an English breakfast the traditional way costs around 50p in energy depending on cooking sausages in the oven, frying bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes, microwave beans and toast.

This meant there was a potential savings of 27p to be had by using the slow cooker instead. It was an exciting day in our household and not just because I knew I was going to wake up to a “delicious” breakfast, but it was my first time using my slow cooker.

After receiving one over a year ago, my partner and I thought our lives would be changed forever. But 12 months later, the device still looked brand new.

Excitement coursed through my veins – it’s true kids, when you hit 24, using a slow cooker is actually better than Christmas. The recipe was actually as simple as it gets. All you need is two cups, one filled with beans and the other with eggs.

It is advisable to whisk the eggs and season “strongly”. You then place the cups in the center of the cooker and around the outside you adjourn the rest with straight sausages and rolled bacon.

What greeted me on the way down this morning
What greeted me on the way down this morning

The idea behind dressed sausages is to prevent them from falling over once the stove is on. If you want a heartier breakfast, the recipe lets you add everything from tomatoes and mushrooms to hash browns.

I decided to keep it as simple as possible and judging by the result of the eggs, I’m glad I did. Now for my verdict – it was actually correct.

Rebecca described the experiment as “the most disgusting thing” she had ever tried. Personally, the Morrisons all day breakfast in a box was much worse.

I tried the “dish” last year and what I will say is that at least this version of the breakfast actually has some molecules in it. The sausage tasted exactly like a normal sausage.

Minus the eggs - not bad, not bad at all (normally I would prefer a few more ingredients)
Minus the eggs – not bad, not bad at all (normally I would prefer a few more ingredients)

For a second I freaked out thinking there was a surprising aftertaste to remember I had bought pork and apple sausage. The bacon was equally delicious and the beans were equally ordinary.

The best part of the whole recipe was waking up to the smell of bacon – something I would highly recommend if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. All in all, with a bit of practice, it could really work.

My advice would be to just stay away from eggs! If you want to try this recipe for yourself, head over to the Slow Cooker Club to learn more. information.

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