How Yoga Helped This Thiruvananthapuram Native Lose Weight | Lifestyle Women

Parvathy who is a native of Thiruvananthapuram and a Chartered Accountant has an inspiring weight loss story to tell you. It’s about going from 85 kg to 72 kg, gaining a lot of confidence and positivity while keeping diseases at bay. And it was yoga that helped ease her weight loss journey. Parvathy details her weight loss journey and how yoga changed her life.

From 68 to 77

Until she gave birth, she weighed only 68 kg. After her first child, she was around 77 years old. And for some reason it never went down after that. When she gave birth again after a year, the scale hit 85. People started making fun of her. As Parvathy’s husband was quite skinny, people started wondering if she was his mother.

All these taunts affected his self-esteem. Since she was breastfeeding, it was not possible to stick to a particular diet. Now all that was left to do was exercise. But circumstances did not allow him to join a gym. So even though she tried a few workouts at home, nothing worked. Although she managed to touch 80 kilos, it did not go down from there.

A moment she would rather forget

Parvathy has found it uncomfortable to attend functions due to body image issues. She started obsessing over her body. She was afraid to look in the mirror or take a selfie. In short, it affected his confidence, which also caused him anger issues.

She had difficulty getting up from the floor. She stood up slowly and carefully, keeping both hands on the floor for support. Like a 90 year old man. When she started carrying her 6-month-old baby, her parents quickly pulled her out of their arms. Because they had trouble seeing her blow while wearing it. But Parvathy wasn’t quite able to gauge the reactions around her. She also had problems like elbow pain, back pain, cholesterol, hair loss, irregular periods and painful menstrual pain.

Everyone who saw her commented on her weight gain. Even after giving birth, she was asked if she was pregnant. All this added to his humiliation. Parvathy had lost all confidence. She didn’t even have the strength to appear in front of the others.

Yoga to rescue

It was then that a friend suggested Yoga to her. The idea of ​​implementing yoga into her weight loss journey never occurred to her. After joining the yoga class, she confided in the guru that she finds it difficult to confront people with her body issues and needs a solution. Although the guru assured her of good results, she was skeptical. Considering she has tried various methods to lose weight, what possible change can yoga make, Parvathy thought.

Incredible change

On the second day, she felt she had made a mistake joining the class. The asanas added to his back and elbow pain. The pain was becoming unbearable for her and she even had trouble climbing the stairs. Parvathy decided it was too much for her and wanted to quit. But the next day, his spirit told him to attend class. A week later, all the pain was gone. She could see visible differences. Initially, she had difficulty concentrating during meditation. But within a week, his concentration returned. From 80 years old, she rose to 78 years old. Parvathy was amazed when some of the kurtas that didn’t fit her before did.

Diet changes

After a week, she was also told to follow a special diet. She completely avoided sweets. The morning started with dried fruits. After morning yoga, she had a homemade breakfast at 8:30. If it was Dosa, she would add grated carrots to it. As Parvathy had high cholesterol, she reduced her consumption of non-vegetarians. She also reduced rice consumption at lunch and included more leafy vegetables and raw vegetables. Previously, her daily water consumption was less. Now she drinks about 3-4 liters a day. Since she started eating her breakfast on time, Parvathy has found herself without stomach issues. Intermittent fasting was practiced once a week. That day, she would only have fruit or vegetables.

In one month, she lost 5 kg. More than anything else, his attitude towards life has completely changed. 15 minutes of meditation gave her a lot of peace of mind. Yoga taught her her strengths and how to achieve contentment in life. More than weight loss, she learned to live healthy and stay positive.

After two months, she was down to 72 kilos. Now she can easily perform multiple asanas. Her body had become very supple. She is amazed to see some of the photos of her performing certain asanas. Parvathy had never imagined such a change in her body. For someone who had trouble carrying one child, they can now easily carry both. For someone who was almost on the verge of reaching a pre-diabetic stage, his sugar level is normal. The same goes for cholesterol. Not only did her periods become normal, but they no longer caused her pain. She had a persistent fungal infection in her hands. With weight loss, this also disappeared. She thinks it has something to do with the changes she has made to her lifestyle.

tons of motivation

At first, everyone laughed at her. For almost 8 months, she did a lot of workouts. She was panting after 10 shots of Jumping Jack. She often interrupted practice sessions saying she had pain in her elbow and body. She was called lazy. When they learned that she had joined yoga, they were all amused. They felt she wouldn’t be able to handle it. They were sure that she was going to stop him on day 3. Since she herself had no such confidence, she dared not disagree with them. But after a week, they started to rethink and felt that maybe she had decided to change. When people started commenting on her weight loss, her husband and parents started motivating her. His mother prepared oats for him and continued to praise his efforts. Meanwhile, her husband after noticing visible changes in his behavior has already decided to start yoga. Her brother who made fun of her appreciated her efforts. Even her stepfather said he didn’t expect such a change from Parvathy. His friends and colleagues already think they sense a change in his behavior. Not only many people are interested in yoga after noticing Parvathy’s image makeover. Just the fact that she was able to bring some positivity into people’s lives makes Parvathy elated.