His son raped a student, his father hatched the plot of his fake death

Bagalpur: In Madhura Simanpur village of Bhagalpur, Bihar, a rape convict has created such a story of his death, which shocked everyone. His father also supported this conspiracy. Disclosure of the case, the criminal reached court in dramatic fashion on Monday and surrendered. The case concerns the Ishipur Barahat police station area of ​​the district. Here, the teacher Neeraj Modi was accused of rape by the student. To avoid punishment, the criminal created a false story of his death. Forced the father to perform the last rites. To fool the police and the court, he also had himself photographed lying at the stake. After that, these images were also produced through the father in the POCSO Special Court. After that, father and son went into hiding. After that, the police also accepted his death as the truth and put the case in cold storage and the case was filed in court.

In fact, teacher Neeraj Modi was convicted of student rape on October 14, 2018. The case went to court. Meanwhile, to save the son from punishment, Rajaram Modi alias Rajo Modi has made up a fake story of his death. He looked at the pyre with his eyes closed and took pictures. The criminal also obtained the receipt for the purchase of wood from the Kahalgaon crematorium. With the help of the same, the son’s death certificate was drawn up and filed with the affidavit in court. With that, the case was filed in court.

This vicious act was stopped by the mother of the rape victim. Upon learning of the plot, he called the block’s development officer. A request was submitted to Pirpainty. In this, he informed about the issuance of a fake death certificate and demanded an investigation into it. With that, the BDO opened an investigation into the matter and the truth came out. On May 21, 2022, on the instructions of the BDO, Rajaram Modi, father of criminal Neeraj Modi, was convicted under other counts including cheating. Rajaram is in jail for cheating and Neeraj’s death certificate has also been revoked. After receiving news of the cancellation of the death certificate, POCSO Special Judge Lavkush Kumar summoned the Ishipur Barahat SHO. The report was requested on July 23, 2022, whether the rapist was alive or deceased. Thereupon, instead of making a report, the police station kept silent. As a result, the special judge issued a contempt notice to the station agent for contempt of the court order.

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