Hazel English shares title track from ‘Summer Nights’ EP

Australian-born, Los Angeles-based musician Hazel English has announced her latest EP, Summer Nights, will be released on June 17, 2022. The EP is in collaboration and produced with Jackson Phillips (Day Wave) and she describes the songs as a series of interconnected narratives that form a larger story.

English also released the title track, a cheerful and upbeat single that English describes as “a song about the heady feeling of developing a crush on someone. I thought it would be interesting to explore the build-up of tension sound because for me, the anticipation is the best part.”

Hazel English previously released “Nine Stories” in late 2021, her first single since her 2020 debut album WAKE UP. The track, full of jangly guitars and airy vocals and simple, heart-pounding beats, creates an idyllic swirling teenage dream. . It is accompanied by an official self-directed video.

Hazel English’s bright and bold debut album, technically speaking WAKE UP, wasn’t released until 2020, but her story has been growing in hearts and minds for much longer. It was 2016 when her breakthrough single ‘Never Going Home’ shone with unstoppable magic that saw her being listened to a mind-boggling number of times.

An EP followed, and then another (compiled into 2018’s ‘Never Going Home/’Just Give In’ double EP), which cemented Hazel with status as one of the most talked about new indie-pop artists. . The whole thing was produced by indie sensation Jackson Phillips (Day Wave) after a chance encounter at a Bay Area bookstore turned into a creative collaboration of pure synchronicity.

After exploring collaborations with both songwriters and producers on WAKE UP (produced by Ben H Allen and Justin Raisen), Hazel and Jackson – both now transplanted from Oakland to Los Angeles – once reconnected. more during pandemic location settings and began collaborating, sending ideas back and forth to their neighbor amid peak lockdown.

“Jackson and I have such a pace when it comes to working on music that it was easy to pick up where we left off. Our process together is very quick and fun, with no hesitation,” Hazel recalled of their revived creativity. .

“I also think that the pandemic and the time spent at home made me think a lot about my past and remember the experiences of high school and those kinds of feelings that were so strong at the time. So I found myself writing lyrics inspired by some of those experiences and then I kind of created a whole new story out of that.”

Watch the new music video here: