Hareem Shah reveals the real story behind the Türkiye controversy

TikToker Hareem Shah broke his silence on the issue of his alleged arrest in Turkey and called it “fake news”.

On Saturday, Hareem took to her YouTube channel with husband Bilal Shah to post her comment on recent news circulating on social media and dispel misinformation.

According to replies, the couple had been arrested at an airport in Türkiye and a large amount of gold and foreign currency had been recovered from them.

“A [piece of] news against me has been circulating on social media, electronic media, print media all morning – many of them [media outlets] also contacted me but I was busy at the time,” she claimed.

Hareem said a few days ago there was some fake news about him claiming that I was reported in Qatar.

She claimed she stayed quiet because she was supposed to say about this kind of fake news?

Hareem lamented that every other day people are spreading fake news saying something against her that is untrue.

Earlier it was reported that controversy queen Hareem Shah, a famous TikToker and social media influencer, was arrested along with her husband at the airport in Turkey, allegedly on charges and allegations of smuggling large amounts of gold and currencies.


Hareem Shah was trying to leave Turkey with her husband, but when Turkish authorities checked their luggage, they reportedly found a large amount of gold and currency.

According to media reports, the amount of gold and currency was well over the legal limit at the international airport.

Turkish authorities have questioned the couple, according to media reports.

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