“Good Morning” is dreaming big: Anmol Arora

Keeping the spirit of cinema alive with his gallant and creative endeavours, Anmol Arora broke barriers with his short film B For Ballon, which earned him 18 awards from 22 different nominations. And now he’s back with another heartwarming drama about despair and dreams titled Good Morning.

Biiggbang’s original short film Good Morning revolves around a little boy who struggles to see dreams and is lost in his despair over losing his parents and failing to live up to his older sister’s expectations. , embarks on a journey of rejuvenation and discovery himself until he is lost again. Speaking about his new short film, Anmol said, “To realize our dreams, we must first visualize them, and dreaming big is a necessity for some while an overlooked privilege for others. It’s something I tried to tell through Good Morning ”

“The idea is to inspire people to aim higher and take the first steps despite mind-blowing obstacles. Because there is nothing worse than an amputated dream. In this short film, a small child dream big and put all heart and soul into achieving it, you can do it too,” Anmol added. From idea to realization, a film is a team effort. Casting director Shivam Gupta was able searching for the perfect people for the role Incredible costume designer Nisha Sharma put the cast in their character Cinematographer Ishaan Sharma seeks to emphasize bringing the story to its essence Vinay Vaibhav puts the good mood with his musical composition.Special thanks to Monali Thakur for the song and Piyush Mishra sir for the voiceover.

Anmol Arora thanks the entire crew and executive producer Aron Paharia of “Good Morning” for coming together and bringing this film to life. Its previous release, “B For Ballon” also told an engaging and captivating story about a slum-dwelling balloon seller and now Good Morning, which is also told from a child’s perspective. “It’s easier to tell the story with children, people tend to put aside prejudices and pay attention to what was said, I think it’s not intentional but useful”, added Anmol. “Good Morning” is the kind of film that will inspire people. Streaming now on Biiggbang.

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