From the Lothar of ‘Manu Uncle’ to the magistrate of ‘Saudi Vellakka’ | Entertainment News

No one would have forgotten the mischievous Lothar in the Mammootty star “Manu Uncle”, written and directed by Dennis Joseph. He is the leader of the pack and creates trouble wherever he goes. From hanging a dead cockroach in front of the telescope to tricking his uncle to ordering a big lunch for his cousins ​​without having any money, Lothar is one of the most memorable characters in this immensely popular 90s film. Child actor Kurien Chacko disappeared soon after. Now he is making a comeback in the Tarun Moorthy directed “Saudi Vellakka” as a magistrate. The film crew wrote an article about how they found the actor.

Here is the note:

During the filming of ‘Saudi Vellakka’, we were all looking for an actor to play a witty magistrate. But Tharun and the team were not happy with the options we gave them.

Although casting director Abu Valayamkulam gave Tharun many options, he was unimpressed. That’s when Tharun came across a YouTube video. The mannerisms, the way of speaking and the body language of the person were exactly what he wanted in his character. It was then that they discovered that he was none other than Lothar from “Uncle Manu”. Tharun wanted to make sure he got this actor and he messaged producer Sandeep Senan saying they had their magistrate. And an excited Senan was keen to have him on board. But they were slow to get his contact number and eventually contacted the channel that had interviewed him. They decided to meet him.

When they offered him the role, Kurien Chacko immediately refused: “Oh no, not me. I just did what Mr. Dennis told me. Besides, cinema has changed a lot now. Please look for another actor.

Tharun decided to tell him the story. This changed Kurien’s mind. He found the story fascinating and agreed to do the film.

That said, Kurien admitted to being nervous about facing the camera after a long break. He was also curious to know more about his character.

But all his fears were unfounded. Kurien came to sets well prepared and effortlessly played the character and the director was a happy man. Ever since the teaser came out, a lot of people have been asking about the character and wondering if it’s the same Lothar who starred in “Manu Uncle.” Looks like Kurien Chacko is here to stay.