French President Emmanuel Macron blames Britain for every migrant death

Channel: French President Emmanuel Macron blames Britain for every migrant death.

Channel: French President Emmanuel Macron blames Britain for every migrant death.

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron blames Britain for every migrant death in the English Channel. The French leader, who is expected to start his re-election campaign soon, has criticized British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the country’s hypocritical 1980s immigration system.

The two countries are locked in a bitter dispute over migrant crossings that have tragically resulted in significant loss of life. Macron criticizes Boris for failing to establish a legal route to Britain for asylum seekers. Boris criticizes Macron for not taking back those who entered Britain illegally.

And as the conflict continues, the French Prime Minister has fanned the fire by telling French newspaper La Voix du Nord: “The responsibility for those who die at sea does not lie with France but with this British refusal.

“The British continue to have a system from the 1980s, which manages economic immigration with hypocrisy. There is no legal immigration pathway,” the 44-year-old said.

He added: “Britons must articulate their needs in terms of the economy and reopen the way for lawful asylum claims. We’re going to turn up the heat. »

The feud between Macron and Johnson began after the deaths of 27 migrants in November following the sinking of their canoe in the English Channel.

Sadly, that hasn’t stopped people from making the dangerous journey across waters from France to the UK. On January 25, more than 180 migrants crossed the English Channel to reach the United Kingdom – a record number which tripled the amount of 2021.

In fact, in January, more than 1,302 migrants made the dangerous journey across the English Channel – more than five times the 223 who made the crossing last January.

Speaking of the high numbers already in 2022, a spokesperson for Charity Care4Calais, which supports refugees in Europe and the UK, tweeted: “All this so early in the year is a reminder of the dangers refugees face and the appalling fact that our government will not act. to stop it.

The charity said that this year three migrants have already died in northern France trying to reach the UK and “it is likely that there have been at least two more”, depending on the charity.

“For kind people, these tragedies are unbearable; young men who fled persecution, torture and death by dying alone so far from home.

“The atrocious spectacle could be ended by the introduction of a system allowing refugees in France to seek asylum in the UK and enjoy safe passage,” he concluded.

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