French Channel police shoot migrants with rubber bullets

A migrant was shot at close range

French police have fired rubber bullets at migrants to prevent them from crossing the English Channel to reach British shores.

On the night of September 22, numerous rubber bullets were fired at eight Iranian Kurds carrying a dinghy to the channel on a beach in Dunkirk.

Both men received medical treatment in hospital after their arrest, reports the evening standard.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, those involved insisted they were not human traffickers but asylum seekers hoping to reach UK shores.

One man told the newspaper: “There were eight of us holding the boat close to the beach. We were preparing to launch it for 40 people who wanted to cross into your country.”

He continued, “Then three or four police officers arrived in one vehicle. A policeman shot Juanro Rasuli at close range. I don’t remember how many times they fired the rubber bullets.

“When the police saw us, they shouted stop, we stopped and they shot us anyway. Then we fled as best we could.

Juanro Rasuli, 24, is still undergoing medical treatment for a fractured leg.

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Priti Patel has threatened to withhold £54m in payments to the French if the number of attempted crossings does not drop.

The number of Channel crossings reached 17,085 this year alone, a number that has doubled since 2020 when the number was 8,417.

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