Four NATO warships sailing just off the Kent coast across the English Channel

Four NATO warships are currently sailing just off the Kent coast, across the English Channel. NATO warships A833, F802, 330 and F262 pass through the area, having all left Hamburg, Germany earlier this morning (May 17).

According to Marine traffic, which provides live updates on sea travel around the world, these four ships are currently in the English Channel, visible from Margate and other locations along the south Kent coast. The ships also fly under different flags, with the A833 and F802 flying the Dutch flag, 330 flying the Canadian flag and F262 flying the German flag.

It is not currently known why these ships pass, or their final destination. F802 and F262 are sailing ahead of the others, traveling in a south-westerly direction, having passed Deal and near the coast of Dover.

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English Channel, having left Hamburg in Germany earlier this morning” content=””/>
The four ships are traveling across the English Channel, having left Hamburg in Germany earlier this morning

The other two warships – 330 and A833 – are further back, closer to the coast margate and Ramsgate. All of these ships are types of military operations ships, although it is currently unknown what the reason for their passage through the English Channel is.

Their destination is not listed on the site, although we can see that they called at several different ports, including Poland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. NATO has been contacted for further information.

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