Former hood Ian ‘Blink’ MacDonald aims to rival podcaster James English

FORMER con man Ian ‘Blink’ Macdonald plans to take on podcaster James English in a battle for viewers.

The former Glasgow mobster launched his Blink and You’ll Miss It podcast in January and has attracted around 10,000 subscribers – despite appearing without guests on the show.


Former hood Ian ‘Blink’ MacDonald aims to rival podcaster James English in bringing in ‘supervillain’ guests on his own show

Now the former prisoner says he’s aiming to attract ‘supervillain’ guests to his channel in a bid to rival the ex-Scottish Glow star.

English has gained 358,000 subscribers to his Anything Goes with James English YouTube channel after interviewing a variety of guests including mobsters, comedians, sportsmen and porn stars.

But now MacDonald, 61 – whose interview on the English show three years ago has been viewed more than 700,000 times – plans to up the ante.

He claims he was recently snubbed by English when he asked his fellow podcaster for tickets to see him interview former hood Paul Ferris, 58, in Glasgow in March.

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He said: “He blocked my number because I requested tickets for the Ferris event. It goes up my back.

“Every time I try to reach James he’s on a train, plane or on a mountain.

“I was doing it as a hobby, just for something to do.

“I said when I arrived on board at the end of January that I was not racing. I said “I won’t have two villains a week”. But, I thought I could raise the bar.

“I haven’t had a guest yet. I just told stories myself and got myself a little following.

“The difference with me is that I’ve been there and done this, worn the T-shirt and written the book. If anyone knows about the crime or these villains, it’s me. I’ve been inside with a lot of people.

MacDonald was convicted of a bank robbery in 1992 and served ten years behind bars for the crime.

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Despite the allegedly snubbed ticket, MacDonald was able to storm the stage at the March event at Glasgow’s Crowne Plaze to shake hands with Ferris.

He bought tickets for A Night With Paul Ferris: The Final Chapter on Facebook.

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