Excalibur vs MI: 13 – Which English Marvel Team Should Come to the MCU

The Marvel Universe – and by extension the Marvel Cinematic Universe – is largely focused on American superheroes and superhero teams. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other nations with their own heroic groups, many of which could make interesting additions to adapting the characters to the big screen.

For Britain, indeed, there are two teams that could easily join the MCU. Both Excalibur and MI13 claim to be Marvel’s most prominent British superhero group. But which one should come to the MCU – and with which roster?

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Excalibur comes with lots of mutant items

Created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis, Excalibur debuted following the “Fall of the Mutants” storyline. Believing their X-Men teammates to be dead, the trio of Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Phoenix team up with Captain Birtain and Meggan to help protect the universe – and the multiverse – as a whole. The team’s stories generally oscillated between their mutant ties to the X-Men and the supernatural challenges associated with Captain Britain’s corner of the universe.

There have been several iterations of Excalibur since the original volume ended with Excalibur #125. This gives Marvel Studios creatives plenty of room to play – ranging from the mediative second volume set in the ruins of Genosha, to the more overt superheroes of the third volume’s roster (which included Juggernaut). They might even be inspired by the modern version of the series, entirely tied to the X-Men and designed to Knights of X – serving as the franchise’s “magic” book and highlighting the conflicts with Britain and across the mystical realm of Otherworld.

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MI13 Could Set Up The MCU’s James Bond

MI13 made its debut in Excaliburfirst appearing in Excalibur #101 by Warren Ellis, Casey Jones, Tom Simmons, Ariane Lenshoek and Richard Starkings. Not the first British intelligence agency tasked with investigating strange happenings in the UK, MI13 has become an enduring version of that team. Their most famous member is Peter Wisdom, a cynical but heroic secret agent. Wisdom was also a mutant, able to throw hot knives from his hands – and quickly became a fan-favorite character.

The group rose to prominence in Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk Captain Brittany and MI13, which expanded the team to include Captain Britain, Spitfire, Blade, Black Knight, and Excalibur. The team was pitted against hordes of vampires under the command of Dracula, Skrulls during the events of Secret Invasion, and mystical forces seeking to pierce the mortal world. In the modern era, MI13 have been established as a frequent ally of the hero community – although Britain’s strained relationship with Krakoa has seen Wisdom use Resurrection Protocols to restore long-dead STRIKE members to form a new group.

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Which team should come to the big screen?

Historically, MI13 served as a good counterpoint to Excalibur – Britain’s hash constraints contrasted with the looser mutant business at the heart of their team. If Excalibur were to arrive on the scene first, it could help establish a more holistic approach to Marvel heroes and help set the stage for Captain Britain to be more important to the overall universe. Their X-Men ties are also an inherently exciting prospect – but it also means that Excalibur would probably have come one day. after the X-Men had established mutant heroes in the world, reducing the chances of them arriving soon.

In contrast, MI13 is a quick and easy representation of SHIELD on a specific new scale. Their ability to bond mutants with Peter Wisdom gives them ties to the future of the MCU – but they aren’t as defined by mutants as Excalibur, allowing them to be a more flexible group historically. MI13 can fight mutants, but they can also easily switch gears to aliens, magic, vampires, or ordinary former spies. Black Knight and Blade’s inclusion in the team could easily tie into the MCU as it currently stands, especially given the post-credits scene of Eternals.

At least initially, it makes more sense to feature MI13 than Excalibur in the MCU. The wider variety of characters he could introduce and play with means he could be an ideal launching pad for many characters. It could become a new answer to something like SHIELD, at least on an English scale. It could even help set the stage for Excalibur, potentially featuring Captain Britain on a team before shifting the character to a more mutant-centric storyline. Both teams are great, but one has a lot more reason to be in the MCU because it’s currently structured than the other.