Eurotunnel passengers evacuated after being stuck under the English Channel for five hours

Videos on social media showed holidaymakers walking through the alternative tunnel along the 31-mile railway line between Britain and France, some with suitcases and dogs.

Meanwhile, travelers in Calais have been told to stay away from the terminal until 6 a.m. Wednesday, with footage showing the traffic jam at the shuttle terminal late Tuesday evening.

Michael Harrison, from Kent, one of the evacuees on the train, said: ‘We arrived at the 3.50pm crossing, about 10 minutes into the lights went out and the train stopped.

He said they were told the engineers “needed to investigate a problem with the wheels”, which “took them about an hour and a half to investigate and obviously found nothing”.

“There were gasps of disbelief”

He said they “reset things” and left for another five minutes, but the problem reoccurred.

“We waited a few more hours to decide they saw no problem but had to evacuate the train to another train,” he said. “After still waiting, we left the train through the emergency link tunnel to the service tunnel.

“We then walked about 10 minutes to a train ahead of the distressed train.

“It was a bus carriage where we were transported to Folkestone. This train then stopped as it couldn’t get traction, probably because it was long and had no weight on it. There gasped in disbelief when it was announced.

“We finally arrived in Folkestone six hours after embarkation.”