Enjoy the fun of these hit movies on TV

Pushpa, a blockbuster film from the South, has made its mark among the masses. Allu Arjun’s action scene in the movie captured hearts. However, you can only get an idea of ​​how popular the movie South is on YouTube. Now that it’s Saturday, almost all places are under weekend curfew, we’ve made all the arrangements for your entertainment. Pick up at home, watch these two best Southern movies on mobile and OTT…

Karnan: The film ‘Karnan’ is directed by Tamil director Mari Selvaraj. Stars like Dhanush, Lal Paul, Yogi Babu, Natarajan Subramaniam, Rajisha Vijayan, Gauri Ji Kishan and Laxmi Priya Chandramouli are seen in leading roles. The story is that of a village where the lower castes, neglected by society, live. The film is entertaining and delivers strong social messages. You can watch it on Prime Video.

Kurup: Srinath Rajendrani’s Malayalam director’s film ‘Kurup’ has been dubbed and released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. The main role in the crime thriller “Kurup” is played by Dulkar Salman. Her performance in the film was appreciated everywhere. It can be seen on Netflix.

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